The Symbolism Of Satanism

You can see Trump using this dozens of times which would not happen if it was an accident. He uses other “Satanic” hand signs like the horn sign.

After watching this video you will have worked out two things, people are doing the symbolism of 666 or “illuminati” hand signs and symbols on purpose.

The other thing is people may read too much into it, or see it where it isn’t actually there, sometimes, if not most of the time.

There are plenty of musicians and actors and even president Trump there doing the “OK” hand sign, which has the appearance of three sixes.

The mainstream media recently tried to say that this was a “white power” hand sign, and here’s a fact check showing a Proud Boy doing the hand sign while holding a bible.

Bible in one hand, 666 with the other hand.

It couldn’t possibly be the case that the bible, or Christianity which splits the world into two parts could have the other part of it, Satanism as an inseparable part of anyone who believes in it, could it?

Are people only good, or are they both good and bad? Do you have to choose to be good or bad, or can you choose to be either at any particular time?

This is the problem with the brainwashing of religion, if you accept it to be true, and believe that you must either choose to be good or bad, if you decide that you like being bad, then you might just decide to be bad all the time to varying degrees.

Should I be a good girl or a bad girl?

People in cartoons sometimes have a little angel and a demon on either shoulder, talking to them about decisions that they make in life.

This is just a representation of different parts of their own mind, their conscience, and not actual angels or demons, or God or the devil.

It’s kind of important to make that distinction, and live in a reality based world, which most people manage to do, to some extent.

However just the suggestion of the supernatural, just the implantation of the idea itself could send you off into the schizophrenic world where you actually think you hear beings talking to you, or asking you to sell your soul to them.

I sold my soul to the devil is actually a very common phrase in the rock ‘n’ roll world, representing taking drugs, selling out, sleeping with a producer, anything, everything, if you thought that was “Satanic” or somebody told you it was.

It’s all in your head, it’s a pile of garbage, nobody could be all good all the time, no matter how much they tried, and the thing that makes it scary or dangerous, more than just general selfish human nature is that people believe in any of it, at all.

However just to prove my point about the insidious nature of the brainwashing from this cult, and (I mean the whole cult, both sides of it), here’s a song of mine called Sixty Six.

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