Who Is Still Listening To Fauci?

This video points out that they didn’t even test most of the people in the vaccine trials which are still going on, but they noticed that some of them got sick within weeks.

It was Fauci himself who said that the vaccine didn’t work to stop transmission, that you would still have to wear a mask and socially distance after he said that didn’t work, before he said it did, and then that you need two of them because it’s not working.

He said last year that there was a chance that when you got sick you could have a worse reaction to the virus and a higher rate of death after taking the vaccine.

He also warned us that there would be a “surprise outbreak” in Trump’s presidency in 2017. This was all planned out for years, you see what I mean?

Yet these people are getting celebrities to endorse taking this useless sterilizing agent. They are getting Run DMC to make hip hop music videos to encourage black people to take it. Bizarre propaganda campaigns.

They are trying to get employers and airlines to say you can’t use their service unless you take this experimental vaccine whose trials won’t be over for another two years.

This even as they cover up the thousands of dead and tens of thousands injured. I’m not just saying that, they censored themselves from saying the concerns for safety they had about it themselves.

For example Bill Gates censored himself from YouTube saying everyone got side effects immediately in the Moderna trials. That’s the same one they’re using.

Here’s Melinda Gates talking at a conference on population control about the Pfizer sterilization injection they would bring to the women in the third world villages so they wouldn’t have to walk fifteen miles to get sterilized.

It’s not the same vaccine, but is it? The former science chief of Pfizer said there was a chance it could sterilize you, and the fact check said people who still worked there said it probably won’t sterilize you but we don’t know yet. That’s why we’re testing it on people to find out.

Pfizer had the largest criminal fine for fraud in history, for a pain killer that shouldn’t have even been approved that they were saying worked for things it didn’t.

It’s quite simple, they’re liars, they’re eugenicists, they’re trying to wipe out population in the world, while they take over the world in a great reset of capitalism.

This is aimed simply at centralizing power, giving all the money to them, while you own nothing and you will be happy.

Changing what it means to be human, they will be able to read your thoughts through a computer chip in your brain. This is what they actually said these people like Klaus Schwab.

He looks and sounds like a Bond villain, because he is, but MI5 and the CIA were actually always the bad guys anyway, and the KGB were just the competition bad guys. They’re the mafia, that’s what government is.

Bayer/Monstanto is poisoning your food with sterilizing, cancer causing, endocrine disrupting chemicals that give your little boys a small penis and shriveled balls, while still in the womb, if they aren’t born with no arms and legs, or not born at all.

This is who we’re dealing with, so when they say arrest Fauci, or he doesn’t know anything about anything and I’ll say that to his face, as the inventor of the PCR test said, they mean these people will kill you, and they should be on death row in prison.

They most probably killed that guy the year before this started, they kill whistleblowers, they kill as a general policy, to depopulate the world, it’s Malthusian eugenics.

Makes them money, reduces the population, but I think these people actually like it, they’re legit psychopaths. Who got the vaccine? You got the vaccine. I hope not.

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