Are Christians Literally Talking Nonsense?

The Westboro Baptist church

I don’t like picking on an easy target, but it is an easy target to make fun of, fundamentalist Christians or the Pentacostals, literally babbling nonsense or talking in tongues.

I appreciate Jesus as a guy, nice message of love and peace and forgiveness, in a brutal, barbaric caveman society.

The problem was, almost as soon as they told me what they believed in, I thought it was ridiculous. I could not even believe that they believed what they were telling me.

The literal interpretation of the bible with it’s allegorical and mythical language, contradictions, double meanings and parables was not even meant to be taken literally, and I mean Philo the first century Greek philosopher said that.

He talked about an enlightened way of reading the bible, where it could begin to make some sense, however I found that it was not even worth doing that, at least it doesn’t matter if you read that particular book or not.

I appreciate the basic message of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but if that also works in reverse, with karma resulting from an attack, let’s have a look at what they hit people with.

They said if you don’t believe the literal truth of their nonsense which has been proven not to be literally true by science, then you will burn in hell for all eternity.

They then basically forced you out of their cult if you wouldn’t mimic their bizarre ideas, even if you were their family sometimes.

This created a group of outsiders to the cult, who they had themselves labelled Satanic, and so they took on the name.

They became Satanists, openly, with some actually believing in the devil, while others simply didn’t believe in the bible.

They worshiped themselves, did what they wanted to do, what they thought was right or good, and with that being the case, it isn’t even a religion, it’s a non religion in that Atheistic form.

7 Tenants Of The Satanic Temple

Antony La Vey wrote the Satanic bible in 1969, and it wasn’t the first one, but it is the most popular version today, although the Satanic Temple has beliefs possibly more aligned to my own than the church of Satan.

The Satanical viewpoint is I am God based on the idea that God is a word that means eternal energy, everything, the universe.

This is partially based on Genesis, you eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and you will know all, like God, and become “gods” yourselves, according to a talking snake.

However it doesn’t require the bible to be a basis for opposition, it doesn’t require anything, it doesn’t ask anything, doesn’t need anything, doesn’t do anything. It just is what it is, and it’s kind of similar to Buddhism in that way.

The only reason it’s called Satanism at all is because it represents an opposing force to fundamentalist Christianity, which if I’m going to be honest is as much of a catastrophe as the force it creates as opposition, because it continues to create that opposition and confusion due to it being inherently illogical.

They preach a lot about the “right” way to live, and most people just end up doing whatever they want to do, whatever feels right to them. They probably should listen to some traditional advice, but which advice?

Most of the “commandments” in the old testament were thrown out for being primitive, barbaric, and insane.

As I said in my last post, I think it would be good if people got married and stayed married, like they used to, but because tradition was destroyed because of the increasing division between fundamentalism and feminism, Atheism and Satanism, they probably won’t.

They probably won’t listen to anything these babbling fools say, even if they might benefit from listening to some of those things. It all gets put in the same category, because they sound like complete nutcases, and I’m sure they would say the same about me.

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