Pimps, Simps, Thots, Beta Males INCELS, Chads and Pedos

I have a hard time explaining what’s going wrong with society sometimes, but here’s a pretty good explanation of it.

Feminism happened, and then it kept happening, and it just got worse and worse, and more and more insane, and it had various consequences, and virtually nobody is speaking out against it.

Like they’ve been speaking out against pedos and rapists, and I do understand that, but they haven’t really been looking at the root cause of the problem.

Let’s go back about a hundred years or more and look at what society was. People usually got married in their teens, they didn’t have sex before marriage, or didn’t say if they did, and then they married for life, usually with the man or boy asking the girl’s father for their hand in marriage.

It didn’t matter if the guy was a bit older, that was probably better, because he would have had time to start working, make some money and set up a secure home to raise a family.

That was the basis of the family, a good place to raise children, and the goal and dream was raising children and living happily ever after in a loving family.

What followed was a depopulation plot called feminism. Women wanted the right to vote first, and then they wanted to work the same jobs men did, rather than be a housewife and mother.

However before we get into what “women” wanted, how many women was it who even wanted that, and why did they want it?

Who told them they wanted it, and was this the only reason they wanted it? Back when women were raised to dream of the man they would marry, given baby dolls to feed and toy ovens and all that, they did actually want to be a housewife.

Somewhere along the line, they got told that working a job outside the home was better than working one inside the home. I haven’t had that many jobs, but I can tell you, it’s all a bit the same.

Somebody had to do the work, there were chores to be done, and only a tiny minority of people actually go to work because that’s what they love doing.

Like there are some rock stars and movie stars and surfers and sports people who do have their “dream job” but it’s still work, and some people have much harder jobs like digging ditches, going to war, or back breaking yard work.

Regardless of whether women should have even wanted to go to work, they did, and then it became necessary for the average couple to need two incomes to pay for a home loan.

It wasn’t actually necessary, they got away with charging that much because the market was based on supply and demand.

So that then meant that if they wanted to buy a house and live a normal life in the suburbs, both of them had to work, and if they wanted to have kids, they would have to pay for child care, which costs a sizeable portion of one of those wages.

What this also led to is women’s natural instinct to be picky about which man they would settle down with, went out of control.

They didn’t need a man to buy them anything, or so they thought, so they tried to be a single parent, working a job they hated, while every now and then finding a man, just so they could get rid of them again because they weren’t good enough.

Feminism ended marriage and family for the majority in the West, and led to a promiscuous lifestyle of one partner after another, ultimately ending in practically nobody staying together at all, if even having any contact with the opposite sex at all.

The “Chads” got all the women, because they were players and the INCELS got none, or practically none, even though they would have probably been happily married in the past.

How this relates to pedophilia is, there’s all these men who used to be married, who aren’t getting laid, they raised the age of consent by five years, and something was bound to happen in that environment.

They created a massive increase in pedophilia, prostitution, porn, divorce, cheating, drug use and more, and blamed men for it, while taking absolutely no responsibility for what happened to society, themselves.

A smart man could have told you, you should have just listened to what the bible said, or what your grandparents said, and got married for better or worse, ’til death do us part, because it didn’t work. Feminism did not work in making society better.

I’m not just saying that from the perspective of an INCEL, which many would label me just for trying to speak out against this catastrophic failure of a social experiment.

I’m saying it because it didn’t work for anyone, the entire society went downhill, and most women do not have a better life, a happier life filled with love. They are not healthier, wealthier or wiser, because of feminism.

However in that environment of modern feminism, I now no longer want to marry a woman, because they’re not worth marrying, it doesn’t mean anything, the entire thing fell apart.

So because I have that as a perspective, I’m probably what you would call a beta male soy boy. Is that what you would call me?

A right wing extremist? Some combination of the two? I don’t really care, I’m over it. I’m just trying to tell you what actually happened.

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