Trump Speaks At CPAC 2021

I wasn’t going to go with this CPAC speech as the subject of my next post, but it’s the news, kind of. It’s a boring speech, doesn’t start in the video until an hour and half into it, but I’ll just get to the point.

On the surface, I supported Trump over Biden, it’s just that I don’t think the surface is anywhere near acceptable as it is.

For example, Trump says I did what no other administration could do, push through warp speed experimental vaccines that killed and injured more people than any vaccines ever, apart from when they made a polio vaccine that was nothing but live polio.

I don’t see that as a good thing, Alex Jones tried to say that Trump talked to him personally and said he was getting “his vaccines” out there before Bill Gates could get his vaccines out, which would sterilize and exterminate the population of the world.

He said that Bill Gates spoke to Japan and told them that there would be one vaccine for them, and another for the third world countries.

They just went, OK, he’s going to reduce the population of the world ten to fifteen percent, but it isn’t us they’re going to sterilize and exterminate.

Fair enough. No not fair enough, the same people who made the virus in the Wuhan lab using US taxpayer money and told you they were going to release it, who said there would be a surprise outbreak are the same who have shares in the vaccines.

For example Fauci has shares in the Moderna vaccine, which Bill Gates said caused side effects in everyone, immediately, and then censored himself saying that on YouTube.

This is one of the vaccines going out to people. In Australia, they said that a doctor could not tell their patients which brand of vaccine it was they were getting, or even tell them the ingredients in it.

You’re supposed to be able to look at the vaccine insert, which warns you of side effects, like any other medication you buy, but they don’t let you look at it. If you did look at the insert, you wouldn’t take it.

My opinion of Trump is, he got sucked into going along with the agenda that these mass murdering eugenicist psychopaths pushed on the general public as a majority through the media, because it would hurt him politically to go against them, if not actually kill him dead.

The majority of people were not anti vax, even when it came to this particular one, and so he went with the popular opinion forced on people through the media, even if he didn’t agree with it.

I think it’s more sinister than that, I think he’s one of them and the whole act of fighting against the deep state was just that, an act.

He was best friends with Epstein, said he’s a great guy, loves the young ladies, almost as much as I do, he removed restrictions on land mines that blow up children half the time.

He has a charismatic personality, but most of these presidents did, and they all did terrible things and were inextricably tied to these vicious, ruthless, eugenicist drug dealing killers, and lied about it.

He’s not a savior of humanity, the amount of time I bought that lie was as long as I wanted to believe it, hoping it would happen, but if something like that is to happen, it has to come from the people themselves.

Trump is not going to be the one to do anything against “them” if anyone even can do anything about them, there’s always going to be somebody doing bad things.

He most probably is one of them, the “deep state” or he wouldn’t be there at all, and the Qanon style propaganda about him being the best president ever is a psy-op, it’s a marketing campaign, and it didn’t happen, trusting “the plan” did not work, even if you were trusting “God’s plan”.

They had a similar propaganda campaign for every leader ever, and almost all of them did terrible things in one way or another.

Perhaps the worst aspect about it was he keeps saying how great and powerful he was when he did something “good”, and blames everything bad that happened on somebody else.

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