World Economic Forum Says We Planned The Pandemic

Event 201, a “tabletop exercise”. Bill Gates, the John Hopkins Institute and the World Economic Forum took specific responsibility for the pre planning before the release of their biological weapon.

Such soothing music, almost makes you want to thank them for making the virus in the Wuhan lab to take over the world in a great reset.

Now is the time for a great reset of capitalism, the bald headed Nazi Bond villain says, he just needs a cat to stroke while he says it, Klaus Schwab.

I’m not just saying they paid to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab, funded by the NIH through Eco Health Alliance, that’s what they said they did in the fact check paid for by them.

Notice how they’re all asking for donations on their sites funded by the government to help them pay for making more biological weapons.

The WHO also said they would be running system wide routine simulations of a deliberate release of a biological weapon, in their world at risk report, from the same time as Event 201. Just two months before the release.

It was a deliberate release, I can’t prove that, but they pretty much told you they were going to do it in literally thousands of different ways.

I don’t think they made it up either, they deliberately attacked the world with a biological weapon, even if their response and predictions were vastly disproportionate to the actual biological weapon they attacked the world with.

Even if they didn’t attack the world with a biological weapon on purpose, the “simulation” alone would have been a crime against humanity greater than any attack on the world ever.

They are the largest criminal bastards the world has ever seen, and they have such soothing music over the the partial admission of their war crimes.

I can’t stomach these people, and I can’t stomach anyone who can. I can’t put up with anyone who didn’t bother to learn the truth, or who is willfully ignorant and in denial.

These people are the worst, the worst ever. They might have an overpopulation problem, they might have a pollution problem, they might have a resources problem, they might have a problem with drugs, they might be completely insane.

The problem is them, and not us, no matter which way you slice it, and they tried to tell us we were the problem to gain totalitarian control of everyone on earth, so they could make lots of money, sterilize and exterminate whoever they want and destroy freedom in the world.

Everyone who I can tell this to already knows it, but not enough people know it, or are willing to do anything about it to stop them, even though they’re the most evil scum ever seen.

Even worse than the Nazis, who the same people, the Rockerfellers funded through Bayer, who was the largest profiteer of world war two and just took over Monsanto.

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They got sued successfully for knowingly causing cancer to millions of people, and they didn’t stop poisoning your food. They’re still doing it. They been called worse than Hitler, and they’re still around, bigger than ever.

You have to kill them, even just a few of them, if they’re going to have any reason to stop doing what they’re doing, at all, because they like killing people and making lots of money and getting lots of power, and nobody ever kills them in self defense.

It’s a goddamn war people, I know the vast majority of us are not soldiers, but find some soldiers and tell them to wake up and smell the coffee, because otherwise we’re screwed if they can get away with this, and keep doing it.

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