You Say You Want A Revolution

These people were protesting against the communist takeover of China

The problem with this revolution is it’s not really going that well, no matter which side you’re on, if you’re on any particular side at all.

People were brainwashed with propaganda on both sides of any particular argument, almost as though they designed it that way on purpose, to divide and conquer.

You have the climate change deniers, and people who protest for climate change action or action on the environment generally.

You have the pro choice, pro life, pro guns, anti guns, pro mask, no mask, pro vaccines, anti vaccines, black lives matter, all lives matter, harm minimization, zero tolerance, etc.

There are arguments to be made on both sides, but are both sides of the propaganda actually coming from the same source?

Divide and conquer is a strategy used to get people to fight among themselves, so that people aren’t looking at the people on top, the puppet masters.

That’s not to say that people don’t have a right to disagree about religion and politics, but would they, or should they disagree as much as they do, if it wasn’t being forced into their heads by a divisive media?

They used to have unbiased news, that reported facts, or at least we were told they were facts, and it wasn’t skewed obviously to one side, or the other, they just reported the news.

I was “left wing” before 2020, and I sort of switched to “right wing” groups because the left literally threw me out of their groups for criticizing the problems with the agenda they were pushing.

I don’t agree with all that much of either side to be honest, I just have my own personal opinion, which has some aspects of both.

I don’t push hate on one group or the other, but I do point towards the top of the pyramid, where the most dangerous and lethal decisions are made, and the place from where all of this propaganda comes from.

It’s all a psy op and the only thing it does is give them money and power, and keep you fighting among yourself, or trusting the plan of your particular side of politics.

I don’t trust any of them, I don’t agree with any of them, I just want freedom to live my own life the way I want to, in peace and relative prosperity and safety, along with everyone else, in the world.

If you hate one particular group or attack them all the time, whether it’s the supposed “left” or the “right” you will have a karmic effect come back and hit you right square between the eyes.

This also applies to the government, the media, and the corporations, or at least you would hope that it did apply to them as well.

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