Is It Possible To Be An Independent Woman Or Man?

An interesting video about the illusion of independence, a huge catch phrase of the feminist movement.

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Yeah right.

The only reason anyone can survive at all is other people, and if they didn’t have other people, they’d be dead, a week later of starvation or thirst. Or the human race would die out altogether, obviously.

The Bear Grills survival show kind of points out how much we rely on modern luxuries and convenience.

How much we rely on our food to be grown for us and killed for us, and the importance of the different roles of men and women as natural hunters and gatherers if anything went wrong with that industrial supply chain.

That’s not to say women can’t hunt and men can’t gather, or that women can’t work, and men can’t do the chores and raise children. They’re just different things which one sex might be more suited for.

I was talking to a woman last night about equality, we have to be equal, and I couldn’t understand what she meant.

You need a leader, somebody makes decisions, if you both try to make decisions, and nobody has a specific leader role, you will just argue continually.

Arguing is perhaps useful for the leader to gain insights from a different perspective on why they should change his or her mind, constructive criticism, but when you cannot agree, somebody has to have the final say.

I found in my own relationships, I wanted to be led, if I couldn’t be the leader. With my ex girlfriends, I wanted her to tell me what to do, so I knew what I was doing, if I wasn’t telling her what to do.

We sort of established that I couldn’t tell women what to do, or at least modern feminist society made that pretty clear, but they didn’t step up and take the dominating leader role, or most of them didn’t.

This is because they were not naturally made to be in that role, and the entire thing didn’t work, and if you put them on an island, or in a harsh survival situation like war, either everyone would die, or men would take over again.

Not sure how well the men of today would do in taking back the dominant role, even just to build a shelter and make fire, kill a pig, it’s not like they’ve had any practice at it, but as I said, in the “real world” of the wild outdoors, our natural instincts and gender roles must be ignored, at our peril.

If you expect that even in this modern society you can just expect things to be “equal” while not defining at which point it is equal or fair, and just continuing to push a one sided agenda, then there will be all sorts of karmic consequences.

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If you want people to like you, or even tolerate you, you must provide value of some sort. I found this video to be valuable, and I hope you find this post valuable.

Other than that, I just make music and have a vegetable garden, because I can’t really be bothered doing much else. I’m a creative type, something that is only made possible by modern civilization.

Am I independent? I’m single if that’s what that means, but of course I’m not. If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

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