The Injustice Of Feminism And “Equality”

I got told about the terrible injustices women faced before feminism for most of my life, although it was hardly ever that I actually saw any real evidence of it in today’s Western world.

I mean, there was rape and sexual harassment, you would expect that anywhere to some degree, but did that get better or worse due to feminism?

People used to get married, and people used to open doors for women, they used to put their coats over a puddle so they could walk over it, chivalry.

The male urge is not something that will ever go away, and nor should it, but they had a solution for that, called marriage.

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You got married, and then you might have some aggression or domination from a man, but it was the most safe and secure environment to raise a family, or to live at all, compared to not being married.

You could argue that divorce might be warranted in the case of a violent, abusive man, but what if they never got married at all, or women left a man just because they felt like it, or because it was that time of the month?

The video above talks about the problems with feminism, generally suggesting that it’s mostly spoiled and entitled princesses wanting more things their own way, while not actually seeking equality or fairness between sexes.

While every human being naturally seeks more of what they want, inherent self interest, the karmic effects of their quest for “justice” have backfired in numerous ways.

By expecting too much of men, trying to work all the same jobs they do, trying to be men because they thought men had it better, they just gave themselves more hard work to do and alienated and oppressed men.

They now need two wages to buy a house due to demand, probably end up divorced, and a single parent working a job they hate, while paying for expensive child care.

Lucky to afford a council block of flats and two minute noodles, without their ex paying child support, from a distance, until he stops working because he has no incentive to work.

This was the story of my mother, she read a book called The Female Eunuch, which suggested that women had balls, and then they got cut off, and they had to try to get them back again.

Also that men hated women, but women hated themselves due to being brainwashed, but that was quite simply a ridiculous and destructive lie that seemed intent on destroying the nuclear family unit, without having any idea of the potential consequences.

It was a lie that killed her, or she took her own life, after divorcing my dad at two, studying to become a nurse, to work in a nursing home, lifting old people and changing their diapers with a bad back and depression, and flirting with the idea of being a lesbian, because she didn’t really know what she wanted.

It is my opinion that women don’t really know what they want, while men have a clearer idea of the big picture and they have real balls.

Well, they would have the actual balls to make decisions, get things done, if they hadn’t had their balls cut off by women and a liberal society that increasingly endorsed it, or didn’t want to be seen to be opposing it.

I don’t know anyone who is in a relationship, except maybe my uncle, he got married at about 70 again, and another uncle and aunt with seven kids about the same age.

Maybe a cousin or two has a girlfriend, my friend’s parents are almost 70 as well. That’s it, maybe nine out of ten family or friends I can think of are not seeing anyone or definitely not married.

Everyone else I know has broken up if they were ever together for any amount of time, and I’m seeing real devastation caused by the faulty ideas contained within the fourth wave and fifth wave feminist doctrines.

This now accuses all men of being pedophiles, as well as rapists and chauvinist pigs perpetuating a glass ceiling of the patriarchy of fascist oppressors.

Has anyone noticed that as they continue to push this one sided agenda of hate and division, the karmic side effects just keep getting worse and worse, because they’re not doing their traditional role and promoting ending gender norms as as the ultimate progress?

I won’t argue that the reports of rape and pedophilia and mass murders from INCELs have seemed to show a marked increase, but isn’t that exactly the point? If it isn’t getting worse, it certainly seems like it is, the more you try to fight a war on men.

I met a guy who poured petrol over his head and set himself on fire because his girlfriend left him, and heard another story in the news a couple of years ago about a guy who set his wife and kids on fire and then stabbed himself to death, for the same reason, just because she left him, perhaps unfairly in his eyes.

The Qanon psyop had the conspiracy theory that as many as 8 million kids a year get kidnapped, tortured, threatened, addicted to drugs, MK Ultra or Monarch mind control, etc, just to break their will and turn them into a willing sex slave or prostitute.

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I can’t possibly imagine that the supposed slavery and servitude of a traditional marriage is really any harder than being a single working mother, depending on who the man was you married.

Then the other side of prostitution, human trafficking, gangs and drugs and sex crimes as a result of the lack of sex for a majority of lonely men, where INCELs are becoming more common than married men is quite simply society imploding.

We are showing signs of an endless downward spiral if we can’t wind back the clock on this horribly failed social conditioning experiment. Calling someone an INCEL is not a way to write off their argument, their existence in growing numbers is the argument that society is failing.

I’m calling out modern feminism as cancer, a depopulation plot, the opposite of the greater good, to everyone else but a small group of women, and even against their own interests, much of the time, whether they can see it or not.

I will no longer tolerate anyone using terms like equality to explain the devastation I saw happen to the relationships of almost everyone in my life from the moment I was born, because of this flawed philosophy.

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