At What Point Do People Wake Up To The Woke Agenda?

You would think it would be harder to turn humans away from their primary urge, but it wasn’t that hard.

I was fairly progressive, fairly left wing, even far left, in terms of people having freedom to live their life the way they wanted to. Alternative lifestyles? That’s freedom.

However there’s something slightly wrong about a pre pubescent kid having the freedom to decide for themselves they don’t want to go through puberty.

Something even more wrong with them wanting sex change surgery, without their parent’s permission, at that early age.

Now, I understand that once you go through puberty, you can’t reverse it, and if you thought you knew you were a girl at ten, but were actually a boy, testosterone might mess up your future plans to be a woman.

This imagined “plan” might however be altered by the testosterone, and even if it wasn’t, you’re a boy. You can’t just snip it off and rub some estrogen on it and expect to be a woman, because it doesn’t work that way.

This is their supposed feminist hero, once laughed at a young victim of a brutal gang rape whose rapists she defended in court, saying she was asking for it. If you didn’t already have reason to doubt the whole goddamn thing, stay tuned, because they haven’t finished with society yet.

It also doesn’t work that way in reverse, obviously, a girl cannot grow up to be a man, no matter how many injections of hormones she had.

This isn’t really my primary concern, it’s more that they said they were trying to break up the nuclear family unit.

They been saying it a long time, they managed to slap a politically correct label on it, so nobody questioned feminism, until it was too late.

Women have such sensitive minds, they have so many emotions, they couldn’t possibly be asked to be a good wife and mother anymore, they have to smoke lots of crack and make porn, or wear a suit and be a cutthroat ruthless businesswoman as though making money was achieving anything without a family.

This is real easy to follow, these people were lying because they’re lying bastards, and if you ever hear someone saying something too good to be true, it almost always is.

Their lies are starting to unravel, it’s all a big load of crap. You can look back in history and see the changes they made, and some of them might appear to make sense, but it depends on how far back you look, and your perspective.

As a man, I cared about one thing only, a woman. I mean it could be women, plural, but as long as there was at least one, that I liked, if not loved, then that is the only thing that I would have cared about.

However, I’m finding it hard to find a woman at all, and when I do, I’m finding it hard to like them, at all. As always, they throw that back on me, and criticize my various faults which led me to have bad luck with women, but this happened to the entire society.

Yeah right they say about a white man acting like a victim of tyranny, but just wait until you’re included in that group for not being a freak.

Western men and women are not getting together, not staying together, and are becoming more and more inherently incompatible, as if by design.

They are at the same time demonizing the sex crimes that resulted from all those horny, lonely men being alone, which just pushes the sexes further apart, causing more of the same.

I will try to illustrate the point like this. If you get real drunk, go home with a guy, get in his bed, in your underwear, and then accuse him of rape, or even if you make any attempt to stop him, you are at least partially responsible, because that will happen maybe half the time if you do that, to some degree.

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Those are the odds, give or take a little, and if you knew the odds and still did it, you would be half expecting it to happen, and half guilty of raping yourself. Does that make sense?

A man has a certain hard wiring, women think they have made men into women, but they didn’t, they can’t, and only when they ruin their own lives and his, when they briefly discover that men aren’t women, are they satisfied, because that is the satisfaction they secretly crave.

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