Is Adrenochrome An Anti Aging Drug Used By Elites?

I’ve been hearing a lot about adrenochrome from the Qanon conspiracy theorists, and it sounds scary as hell, the Satanic idea of torturing kids to drink their blood.

First of all, is there any truth to that? There are rumors from the time of Elizabeth Bathory of her torturing young girls and drinking their blood or rather bathing in it, although it’s also suggested that they just made it up to take her land or just because somebody didn’t like her.

It has popped up in popular culture like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and other places, it’s not unheard of, but that’s not exactly a reliable source.

There are over 4,000 patents on Google Patents for making adrenochrome in a lab, and you can buy it for research use, there was an ad on the Google search.

The Wikipedia page on adrenochrome says that while it’s not approved for use as a drug by the FDA, it is found legally in a dietary supplement, it’s not even a restricted chemical, but I don’t think it would be that hard to get if you really wanted it.

It could conceivably be extracted from children’s blood, or from the gland that makes it, you could get it from an animal for that matter, but the best guess at any potential “positive” effect is it gives you schizophrenia like LSD if you take enough of it to affect brain functioning.

I heard one of many variants was used medically to help blood clotting, and as I said there are thousands of different ways to make different types of it in the lab, that one was called adrenochrome semicarbazone.

Now, you can get an adrenaline rush from watching a scary movie, or going sky diving, but this is no wonder drug, it probably doesn’t even get you high, and even the best case scenario of human growth hormones or stem cells in young blood is dubious at best as an anti aging serum.

I did see a documentary about human growth hormones given to old people, and it did have some benefits, but it had risks as well, and the technology of stem cells is promising, but not something you could do at home without serious risk.

If you drank or injected blood from anybody else, it’s more likely to hurt you than help you, regardless of whether it had adrenochrome in it, and it would be more likely to hurt you if it did.

As far as getting high goes, I think that Adderall or Ritalin would be a preferable alternative to bathtub meth, but neither is something you’d want to do without having at least some reason like ADHD. Not to try to tell you what you want to do.

The conspiracy theory has gotten so overblown and insane with their claims about this drug that I actually think it would increase the amount of kids getting tortured just because 1% of people are actually psychopaths or desperate drug addicts, etc.

This is why I am hopefully debunking these claims of a wonder drug that sells for a billion dollars a liter to elites, because it simply isn’t true, like the vast majority of claims coming from the Qanon psy op.

There’s a certain amount of true claims within it, but so hopelessly mixed up with false claims, it’s almost impossible to work out where reality begins and fiction ends. It was purposefully designed that way, that’s what I’m saying.

As far as the other part of it, the human trafficking, underage prostitution, rape, drugs, gangs, etc, sure that’s the seedy underbelly of Hollywood, or life generally. Crimes or realities that always existed to some extent. Oldest profession in the world.

Imagining it as or comparing it with literal vampires is just confusing the issue, and demonizing people who live an alternative lifestyle perhaps a little bit more than they deserve, having already been demonized so extensively.

Evil people do exist, bad things do happen, particularly at the highest levels of power, but the categorization of vast numbers of people as demons, cannibals, Satanists, by fundamentalist Christians, probably ignores the fact that they aren’t, for the most part. Probably.

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