Weaponized Feminism In The Afghanistan War

Women in Afghanistan learning things that may put them on a collision course with their traditional culture and social norms, at a cost of billions to US taxpayers.

This Fox News segment reveals that there are gender programs taking place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many other countries as part of a military operation.

What is the operation exactly? Well in a similar way to how they protect the heroin so they can sell it, while also burning some poppy fields every now and then to make it look like they’re trying to stop it, they have a thinly veiled ulterior motive.

The motive is depopulation or population control. The Afghan people are a traditional fundamentalist Muslim society where women are submissive and men are dominant, and who still have a warrior like demeanor.

They will fight to the death to protect their culture, their land, their family, and their right to live in the way their religion told them to do.

It is culturally significant for women to be submissive, wear a burka, do what their husband says, or do what Mohammed said, and in return they get provided for and protected, in a harsh place where they may need protection.

This is simply traditional society, and what they seek to replace it with is porn, prostitution, promiscuity, divorce, INCELs, single parents, abortions, obesity, prisons full of drug users, homeless lining the streets, just endless examples of a society they mostly couldn’t have more contempt for.

I heard about acid attacks and stoning women to death, jailing them for being raped, that’s all quite terrible, but that is their culture, and I don’t even believe our culture is better as a whole. It’s falling apart.

My view is that this is a calculated, weaponized eugenics program. Feminism is depopulation, mind control, and training men to be submissive, like women, until the point that they become slaves, to women, but mostly to the elites.

Islam means submission, but the man is submissive only to Allah and Sharia law, perhaps to those who enforce it, and their wife and children are submissive to him, and to “God”, because that’s just the natural order.

I saw a pregnant nine year old in Afghanistan, I saw a 12 year old being carried off kicking and screaming to be married to an old man, it may not be the best example of “civilization“, but that would depend on who you asked.

Is there pedophilia and violent crimes in the West? What have we been hearing nothing else about for the last year or more?

In the worst cases of “conspiracy theories” like Qanon, they keep little kids in cages and torture them so as to split them into multiple personalities so they can program the personalities to be obedient sex slaves to various elite men if they aren’t sacrificed in Satanic rituals.

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The same sort of thing happened, but worse, much worse, just not in the same numbers as traditional marriage in the third world which is quite obviously, a different thing completely.

The fact they have admitted now that they are running eugenic feminism as a military operation in the country they are occupying to protect their heroin profits while using land mines that blow children to pieces, tells me they don’t have good intentions, and feminism is a calculated eugenics program. From the beginning.

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