The Mass Murdering Drug Dealers In The Health Industry And Government

Heroin is relatively new, it only started being used widely in the last hundred years, and it changed what opiate addiction meant in a big way.

When you hear the term drug dealer, you might have a negative connotation, for example Trump made a statement that all drug dealers should be shot.

Of course the US army has occupied the golden crescent that makes the majority of the world’s heroin for twenty years, and they trained Al Qaeda in the first place.

Heroin and cocaine are worth over half a trillion dollars a year, and you can trace that money quite easily to the people who are making the money from it, as they have many trillions of dollars, while the Afghans are starving.

Opium is still addictive, however the original thing is the original thing, it’s not the same thing as heroin and poppy seed tea is in my view not all that harmful in moderation. Not suggesting anyone tries that themselves, unless that would reduce the harm they were already experiencing, which is an incredibly relative idea.

It’s bleedingly obvious, and while I don’t support everyone getting on as much drugs as possible, the solution might be harm minimization drug programs like Switzerland as opposed to zero tolerance laws with mandatory jail sentences for possession.

The other part of this of course is very similar drugs are legal and given out like candy, hillbilly heroin or oxycodone for people with bad backs or whatever.

It’s amazing how they can have such contradictory policies on almost the same thing at the same time. The drug manufacturers put out a report saying there was only a 1% chance of addiction. Of course that was based on short term prescription.

There’s a hell of a lot of problems with letting people do what they want to do without any sort of intervention, but harm minimization isn’t necessarily letting people shoot up all day in the wrong way, until their arms fall off, which is what they do anyway, sometimes.

When Bayer came out with heroin to start with, they put it out in a cough syrup and it was marketed as less addictive than morphine or not addictive at all.

The morality of making drugs legal or illegal isn’t really the point, they are out to make money, and they lied about it, thoroughly.

The same people who sell these hard drugs, whether legally, or illegally, are the same people who are selling the vaccines, for the virus, they made on purpose, in the Wuhan lab.

The drugs, I could accept that, people have pain, they might need a pain killer, sometimes, maybe. Opium never disappeared completely in ten thousand years or more and alcohol and tobacco kill more people by far.

With the vaccines, and the biological weapons, and the world takeover that these same people planned, it’s about time to admit there’s a huge problem with allowing these people to get away with murder.

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