Is There A Way To Defeat The AI Robot Revolution?

I’ve written a number of posts about Elon Musk and Neuralink now, and each one I write provides me with a bit more insight into how he views the world.

He believes that artificial intelligence is advancing at such a pace that robots will become self aware and you won’t be able to tell the difference between a robot and a human within our lifetimes.

You’ll be talking to them, they’ll seem like a person, at least on video, or on a phone call, or on an online chat, if not in real life. You’ll listen to music directly in your head via your implant.

He thinks that they will be able to do everything better than humans, think better, work better, fight better, etc.

So the only way to prepare for the “singularity” event when they gain self awareness and potentially control of their own operating systems is to merge with machines and gain superintelligence while still having autonomous control of our own actions.

It would seem to me as though if you put the AI technology in your brain, it still might take over your brain, and have a direct, physical link that would allow it to do so, or allow big tech surveillance to spy on your thoughts directly.

The Neuralink, a computer chip that interfaces directly with the brain, through tiny wires inserted via a hole in your head. They already did it with a pig, and a monkey, and have done experiments on humans with electrical brain stimulation for years for various conditions.

Touch this wire to this part of the brain and see which muscle twitches, see if you can make them feel pain, or feel pleasure via electronic stimulation of neurons.

Deep brain stimulation has been used for conditions like Parkinson’s disease for many years now.

I can see that there is potential for this technology, but as he says himself, potential for it to go very wrong, as well as potential beneficial uses.

The other thing is, as he said himself, government regulation cannot keep up with the advances, or the massive amounts of wealth these corporations have, and so the only real way to regulate their power is by people refusing to use their products.

If you were to put a computer chip in your brain, obviously you would have to have some sort of mental problem or medical problem, or you’d have some sort of problem with the world, as it’s being made, by them.

If you didn’t see the potential for catastrophic failure of this transhumanist future of humans merged with machines, you’d have to have a hole in your head.

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