Is Everyone Insane? How Many Sane People Are There?

I have a different opinion than most people on what makes a person’s beliefs sane and rational, and many people would call me insane, irrational or sick as soon as I say what I believe.

I don’t think there is any truly objective morality or reality, and as soon as you try to define it, you run into all sorts of problems where you could question any law in a certain circumstance.

For example, if you raise the age of consent to 18, you could argue that it could result in a boy having to leave his girlfriend when he turned 18, even though they had been allowed to date each other before he did.

They would have been married a hundred years ago, and probably happily married, with their first love, as was always done all through history, and to draw a line like that would be in many cases, even a majority of cases, more morally wrong than not doing so.

Religion can be a force for good, but was it actually a force for good over history? The most famous scene in the world from history is a guy nailed to a cross to slowly die over three days because he said two words, or opposed a violent evil cult.

They would of course claim they weren’t evil, or weren’t insane, but that’s just a matter of opinion, and one that’s historically quite hard to argue if you look at the things they used to do and how it is viewed today.

My opinion being that nothing supernatural exists, I immediately call the majority of the people in the world deluded, potentially insane just for having any beliefs at all, and they all contradict each other, so they can’t all be true.

Then there’s the drugs and alcohol, which is potentially a serious cause of actual schizophrenia and psychosis.

Many people take drugs, more people take alcohol, alcohol is in fact the largest cause of death in the world, next to smoking, and Jesus turned water into wine, apparently, and it was a miracle they said.

I met a girl who took some LSD at a festival and was never the same, brought on schizophrenia, and weed can do that too.

Some say that religion itself came out of people taking hallucinogens, or from natural mental illness, that made them see something that wasn’t actually there.

A four headed flying beast in the sky, floating in a ring made of eyes, or an elephant god, with multiple arms. Soma was mentioned in the earliest Hindu scriptures.

So, when you have a vast portion of the world being fundamentally religious, or on drugs as a probable alternative delusion, the amount of people who you might say are intelligent, rational, and grounded in reality is very small, if almost non existent.

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