Is It Impossible To Stop Bad People Taking Over The World?

There hasn’t been much in the news recently, except things like they’re going to allow free sex change surgery to soldiers in the US army, and Pepe Le Pew has been banned from kid’s movies.

Hunter Biden is seen taking a photo of himself smoking crack with a little girl kneeling at his crotch, but they’re banning Dr Seuss books for being racist.

They’re going to cut the balls off little boys who agree to it, without their parent’s permission, but the word normal is now banned, along with mother, father, aunt, uncle, etc.

I saw a woman banned from Twitter for saying pedophiles were demonic. I personally don’t believe in anything supernatural, and they did raise the age of consent a hundred years ago, but they also had a very different traditional religious culture of marriage and family.

The nuclear family unit has been attacked, on purpose, in every conceivable way possible, and it was a eugenics program, from the beginning, which wasn’t just beginning a hundred years ago, but it really became apparent then.

These people usually had plans for wiping out “other” people in vast numbers to take their land and resources, but they didn’t usually focus on targeting their “own” people for sterilization, extermination and eugenics programs.

The old way of doing things was they would stretch you on a rack, or send an army to wipe out a whole city’s inhabitants if they suggested using birth control or practicing abstinence, it was a heresy.

Marry young, make lots of babies, not a drop of sperm wasted, to further the goals of the church, the empire, and of course God.

However the population has gone up to the degree now that they are using military gender programs worldwide to try to force depopulation, while claiming they’re being “nice”.

This is what you always have to look for when you see a large propaganda campaign, on either side of politics, what is the agenda? It’s usually money, power or population control.

What was the question I was trying to answer again? Is it impossible to stop bad people from taking over the world? Everyone has both good and bad in them, the capitalist system or the feudal system, rewards greed and ruthless behavior.

There has never been a time when soft, indoctrinated people controlled anything, except by their numbers for their puppet masters.

You could argue the motives of these elites, but you can’t argue that they are the same as those they rule.

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