Biden Tells Americans They Can’t See Their Family Until July 4th

Tucker Carlson said Biden’s speech had a hallucinogenic quality to it, he’s talking about the massive damage caused to the economy and businesses and mental health, caused by the lock downs he’s pushing harder than ever.

CNN said hallelujah, our prophet has come to bless us with the right to have a small family barbeque where we can see our family, which we might be able to do in a few months time if we stay locked in a basement with a plastic bag over our heads until then.

I’m sure most people would see the flaw in the logic, you have to see your family, and friends, and run your business, or there is no life, there’s no society, there’s no country, and no way the world could ever live that way.

The WHO admitted that themselves about lock downs and that it’s making poor people poorer, even starving millions to death, more than died from coronavirus.

The vaccines have come to cause their own death and destruction with thousands dead, and tens of thousands injured, but they don’t even mention that cost, or all the other costs of following this plan, that they planned.

Biden said that he would be aiming to get enough vaccines for every adult in America, and that things wouldn’t go back to normal until they had gotten them into every arm.

Problem with that of course is much of America already caught this virus and survived, they don’t even need a vaccine, and millions more don’t want it, for very good reasons.

Millions more aren’t afraid of getting this slightly worse flu that they made in the Wuhan lab on purpose, and have a moral objection to negotiating with terrorists, in this case their own government.

The NIH paid for the gain of function research on coronaviruses from bats, which was admitted by them, they did a pre planning event two months before the release, to make sure that it went as planned.

It couldn’t have been more obvious that it was a plan, and the more you find out about the great reset and how long they had been planning that, the more you realize that this is a calculated attack on the world.

The Fox News segment goes on to talk about how they may have faked Assad attacking his own people with chemical weapons like they faked Saddam having chemical weapons so they could go to war, and make billions in weapons profits.

Take a look at the state of Syria, it looks like Swiss cheese, and that’s all based on lies, as everything they do is. They’re mass murdering drug dealing criminals, the largest mass murdering drug dealing criminals in the world.

I could go on about that, and I have done, but I’ll just leave with a thought from the end of the video, where Tulsi Gabbard is compared to Biden, and you are forced to wonder, who the hell voted for that senile, corrupt puppet to be leader over her, or over Bernie Sanders?

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