Capitalism As We Know It Is Dead Says The Davos Agenda

Capitalism as we know it is dead, says the World Economic Forum, it’s the status quo that got us into the mess we’re in now.

Is that the mess they caused when they released a biological weapon on us, on purpose, to form the basis of the reason for this great reset?

They aren’t even really trying to say that it is the pandemic they’re talking about. They’re saying there’s a global crisis, and tying coronavirus and climate change together as one thing, along with China’s growing power.

They are really trying to get people to buy the narrative that if they don’t radically change the world it will end, due to Co2 emissions, such as breathing, while they dismiss the idea of planting trees and suggest eating substitute beef.

I’ve looked into it before, there is some truth to climate change, pollution, resource shortages and overpopulation, but it was these very people who caused almost all of these problems, if there are any.

This would therefore be like asking the fat kid to guard the cake, but they’re not even asking, that’s the scary thing.

They give you a general reason why the public “sector” should have trust from the private “sector” which I assume means that their businesses will survive, and all other small businesses will be closed, and their owners put on universal basic income.

Maybe they’ll be given a job working for these mega globalist corporations, or maybe they’ll have a robot replace them in the job they would have had, if they didn’t need one because their small business was shut down by these insane restrictions over a bad flu.

As I said, I believe these are the people who attacked the world with biological weapons. I don’t want to trust them, I want them in jail, for life.

I can see that there is a problem with capitalism, or capitalism is dead, as they put it, but that would therefore make this something other than capitalism, something other than democracy.

This is then a fascist/communist or Chinese style socialist world takeover, with a green label slapped on it, and the world, with all the various countries in the world, is just supposed to agree to do it, because they have biological weapons.

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I’m not misrepresenting that, they also threatened the world with a hack attack, and various other things, in a not so subtle, barely veiled threat, from a guy who said in his book that “business as usual died or was infected by covid 19” and “if no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a global order deficit.”

Normal is now the new normal, or so they would have you believe, and the media would have the brainwashed masses believe that the new world order is a “conspiracy theory” and not a fact.

If they hadn’t attacked the world with biological weapons, and the disproportionate response to it, which they also made clear they planned in advance, then maybe I might want to listen to reasonable plans to remake capitalism, but this is nothing more and nothing less than global terrorism.

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