Alternative Media Censored From All Major Sites

The video Meet Bill Gates was removed from YouTube, perhaps with the entire Corbett Report channel following shortly, which probably speaks volumes to it’s credibility in exposing the crimes of this eugenicist “philanthropist”. Much of it is his own words and activities on the public record, but he has censored his own interviews.

This is one of my favorite alternative media or “conspiracy theory” video makers James Corbett of the Corbett Report, and he’s saying he’s got his final warning from YouTube.

I’ve used a number of his videos on my posts, some in particular having very important relevant information to the subject of the posts such as Melinda Gates talking at a conference on population control about sterilization injections.

Everything he has been saying is well sourced, backed up by supporting links, he’s on the money pretty much all the time, and has a nice, pleasant demeanor, when reporting on these war crimes.

I will admit that there are a bunch of crazy Qanon conspiracy theory sites with a bunch of flat out lies and misinformation, but the Corbett Report has been around for many years and is more reliable and well sourced than any mainstream media news site.

It is obviously a crime in itself, the censorship of such quality content producers, but here is the same video I saw on YouTube, on Bitchute, which is the largest replacement site, but not the only one.

There are many sites he mentioned and others like Mewe, Gab, Parler, Minds, Gettr, Odysee, Telegram, and plenty more.

I been banned from posting on Facebook the majority of the last year, on my 9th 30 day ban now. I can’t stomach these people, as you can probably guess just by the name of this site.

Many people have permanently decided to leave Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc because of censorship, I stay to say what I can to wake people up just until I get myself banned again, usually within days.

More like a horror show mixed with a circus than a government.

But then the reports keep coming in about Patreon, PayPal, credit card companies, the Apple store, almost everyone in the billionaire elite corporations going out of their way to declare the truth as being domestic terrorism.

This is the information war, it’s a war for control of AI or automated internet censorship and mind control. Propaganda, surveillance, tracking, tracing and potentially physical arrest or kidnapping by the real terrorists.

I want to make it clear what my position is on this, if you support the people doing this, censoring the truth about their war crimes, which they admitted themselves, you are worse than a Nazi sympathizer, and deserve life in prison for treason.

You see it’s not just a matter of calling them out for the plan they admitted making, to take over the world in a great reset, using biological weapons they made in a lab.

It’s the fact that even if it wasn’t biological weapons they made and released on purpose, you could still decide you didn’t care and wanted to live your life in freedom and not fear, the way people always did all through history in the presence of much worse viruses.

They had cholera and measles and mumps and tuberculosis, the flu is more of a comparative illness to covid, it isn’t the Spanish flu or the black plague, and anyone who says it is is quite simply lying, and they never went this far, even back then.

That doesn’t mean that they won’t be coming out with a virus ten times more deadly, like they hinted they were going to.

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I wouldn’t go assuming that just because this biological weapon didn’t kill a hundred million people, the next one won’t, because that is their goal, or one of them.

In the video below, Bill Gates calls this pandemic one, and the next one is pandemic two, and then he grins like it’s Christmas, as he always does when talking about death and suffering. He’s a nutcase psychopath eugenicist.

The way to fight that would be to actually fight them, physically stop them from being in that position of control where they can do that and continue to get away with it, not listen to their advice on how to enable them to kill you more efficiently while pretending to save you from themselves.

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