Biden Wants More Pregnant Women In The US Army

Maternity flight suits

I saw a pregnant woman get arrested by police for posting on social media about a freedom day protest in Victoria.

They said the stress alone from getting arrested in her pajamas, on the way to an ultrasound almost caused a miscarriage, and that’s not uncommon for pregnant women.

They might not want to get stressed in an argument, or go on a rollercoaster, let alone go into war, with high G forces in a fighter jet, or any sort of war situation.

What is wrong with these people? Maternity flight suits? They want to have US taxpayers pay to give sex change surgery to the soldiers, but did anyone think that while they’re recovering, that might possibly cause an issue with their agility?

They used to make these people crawl on their belly through mud, under barbed wire, bounding over barriers, fifty push ups for breakfast, etc.

I don’t particularly think the US army would have trouble attacking much weaker, poorer countries with a force like that, but what if they actually came up against hard killers with the same amount of weapons they do like China?

I don’t know if they could take it, if they’re lowering their standards and training to not hurt people’s feelings, or discriminate against them if they’re a woman, or gay, or trans, or pregnant.

On the one hand, every time the US army ever does anything they’re attacking weaker countries to steal their stuff, oil profits, weapons profits, drug profits, mining profits, so in a way it’s almost good that their army is weaker and more feminine if they’re not going to kill as many unarmed civilians for blood money for elite criminals.

On the other hand, feminism has destroyed society and the traditional family unit, encouraged insanity upon insanity, and that same army of pregnant women with flamethrowers and post op trannies are a part of protecting the gender programs they’re bringing to these fundamentalist Muslim women, so they can learn about freedom.

It is my opinion that if you were a fundamentalist Muslim man, and you saw a pregnant woman soldier and a post op transsexual come to teach your women how to hate men and leave them, as they were killing unarmed civilians from the sky with drones, they would probably do their very best to kill you.

Maybe they wouldn’t succeed, but they would try pretty hard. Thank you so much for getting my woman to leave me and join the army while pregnant with my child, who will have his balls chopped off if they both survive. That’s what they’re not going to say.

Here’s a fact check of a fact check by Politico that said that it was mostly false that Biden said what he said, on video, about maternity flight suits, and those fact checks can stop people from posting on Facebook.

If anyone with half a brain saw their plans for boot camp g force training for pregnant women just because they’re “woke”, they’d try to stop them, so they’re trying to stop people from finding out what they’re doing by again, censoring their own words.

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