Investment Advice For The New Normal World

Elon Musk has been tweeting a lot about different cryptocurrencies lately, and there are many rumors that it’s going to take off again, even more than it bounced back from the crash a few years ago.

I’m definitely not a financial expert, but I have learned a bit about the trends that have been happening in these uncertain times.

When there is a stock market crash or when anyone feels uncertain about consumer confidence and general security of the stock market, they often turn to gold and silver, and now maybe cryptocurrency.

Everyone may remember the Bitcoin crash a few years ago, well it’s gone up to almost triple the price it was back at that peak, and is perhaps set to go up again, at some point in the future maybe.

The problem with cryptocurrencies is nobody knows exactly which one is going to be used, or how much it’s going to be used, and there’s thousands and thousands of them.

The advice I have is that silver is a better investment because it’s undervalued and used a lot by many industries like building solar panels and batteries for electric cars, and it would usually be ten to one ratio in price with gold, but it’s not.

There’s hundreds of times more paper trades of silver than there is actual physical silver, and when people work out that they actually need the physical silver, and then go to get their actual, physical silver, that’s when the price will rise.

You might ask how could anyone be stupid enough to buy silver when it doesn’t even exist, and that’s just one of those mad scams they pulled.

They separated the money from being backed with gold, the gold standard, they made all these ridiculous rules like you could borrow to buy a hundred times more stock than you could afford, with hundreds of times more paper trades of it than existed in the real world.

It’s all fiat, or financial scams, but the actual silver is bound to at least keep it’s value, or it can’t lose all that much value, except based on a crash after a peak.

They’re printing money like mad so inflation is only going to go through the roof, so if you want to invest in something, make sure it’s real.

You might want to invest in some storable food, or anything that you will use in the future because just the early purchase of the things you need, before the price goes up means you get a better return on investment than most interest bearing bank accounts would.

Regardless, those are the things you actually need, and would buy at some point, and it’s a lot more real to have something valuable physically in your possession, as opposed to a code or a piece of paper.

I can’t tell you for sure that Tesla stocks are going to go up, it depends on whether solar and electric cars take off around the world, and they buy from that company, among many other factors like other people buy more Tesla stocks because they have confidence in Elon Musk.

They’re definitely going to need certain metals to make any of these things and they already been keeping the price artificially low, so that is the best financial advice I have.

Buy physical silver and other metals, other real assets like land, food and non perishable items, and if you want higher risk and potentially higher gain, play the stock market and the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or the thousands of others.

To me, gambling is a fool’s game, you only play with what you can afford to lose, I remember the crash of 9/11 and I’m so glad I pulled the money out before it lost everything it had gained over years and put it in my house.

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