17 Countries Ban AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

Here’s a link from The Guardian about the suspension of AstraZeneca vaccines in 17 countries over blood clotting issues, here’s another one from Al Jazeera, and another one from Business Insider.

More links from DW, Associated Press, and Nine News Australia about the banning of the AstraZeneca vaccine, because it killed people, they said, and the vaccine manufacturers tried to say it didn’t, but they couldn’t get away with it, because it killed and injured so many people.

Just want to get that out of the way first, this definitely did happen, they did ban or suspend the emergency use of this vaccine in 17 countries or more, just this specific one, you can find all of that on the first page of a Google search.

This while any mention of vaccine side effects has been banned from Facebook, even when Mark Zuckerberg censored himself saying these experimental vaccines which mess with your DNA could have side effects serious enough for over a dozen countries to ban them.

Alex Jones is saying 40 countries have banned this or other covid vaccines of one variety or another, here’s a Newsweek fact check that says mostly false about the claim the Pfizer vaccine was banned in India.

It then goes on to say they just removed the emergency authorization for it, so it’s not approved yet anywhere, as these vaccines won’t finish their stage three trials for about two more years.

So the real headline should be, doctors are killing people and giving people serious side effects by injecting them with untested experimental vaccines that are two years away from being approved.

The Moderna vaccine trials showed 80% of patients got side effects immediately and then Bill Gates found a way to censor himself off YouTube saying that, severe chills and fevers and worse.

They didn’t even mention what the worse things were, but like all previous vaccines the side effects include death, swelling of the brain, swelling of the spinal cord, paralysis, brain injury, the liquifying of your organs from an auto immune disorder where your immune system eats itself, etc.

The VAERS vaccine injury reporting system reported over 700,000 deaths from vaccines or after vaccines, in it’s history, which haven’t been formally proven in the US vaccine compensation court, most of those didn’t even go to trial and this one has no compensation for anybody.

Maybe a hundred times more people didn’t even report their side effects to a doctor because they didn’t even know that vaccines could give you side effects or kill you.

That’s what changed recently, before I watched the movie Vaxxed 2 a bit over a year ago, just before this virus was released, I was skeptical at the suggestion that vaccines could be causing more damage than the diseases themselves, because I hadn’t heard a single one of these stories ever.

After seeing the movie at a secret location, announced two hours before it was shown from somebody’s lap top, I realized the medical tyranny and lies we were already living with, but didn’t have a clue about.

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