The Divide Between Conspiracy Theorists And Sheeple

Sometimes the world seems kind of like an episode of South Park, where the adults often appear to be dumber than the children.

I didn’t watch the recent one hour episode of South Park that was all about the Qanon conspiracies, such as the elites drinking the blood of tortured children, but I always liked the show, I watched most of the seasons years ago.

The thing is, there’s some truth to all of this, and it’s no laughing matter, particularly when it comes to biological weapons, killer vaccines, and kids being kidnapped.

I’ve spent a long time trying to work out the truth and there are surely bad things that happen, plots and schemes to make money, gain power, and to depopulate the world.

You just can’t say that all conspiracy theories are true, because you’d be proven wrong immediately if you said that, you’d also be proven wrong immediately if you said none of them were true.

I was recently watching a drunk interview Alex Jones did while in Florida for the guys at Flagrant 2 and they were trying to work out if he was a comedian or not, or whether he believed he was telling the truth, all the time.

Obviously the things he says are sometimes over the top, sometimes insane, sometimes funny, but mostly true to some degree.

Dracula means “son of the devil” in Romanian and the myth around Vlad was said to have been inspired by his habit for eating bread dipped in his victim’s blood. That’s not what this specific photo shows, but there is plenty of fairly warranted speculation about the royal family.

Like when he says Prince Charles is descended from Dracula, lives at his castle in Transylvania and takes home children from the local village to stay with him in the castle, that’s mostly true.

He is descended from Vlad the Impaler as is the queen, he did say Transylvania is in my blood, and he has a bit of a stake in the country.

I didn’t find that specific page where he’s in a photo with the local children, inviting them to stay with him in the count’s castle, but you can sort of deduce that Alex Jones saw it, somewhere, probably.

The problem with the internet is you can see a lot of things, and without specifically naming your source and going a bit overboard with the story people might call the whole thing into question, just because of that embellishment at the end which wasn’t proven.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of these conspiracy theories are true, or partially true, if perhaps exaggerated, just a little bit, maybe. You never really know with these people, I’m sure they like kids to some degree, but hopefully they don’t eat them.

Most people don’t have the taste for human blood, it’s just the rare cases where they do that you can’t completely dismiss.

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