Uneducated Fools Lying For The Vaccine Manufacturers

This is a video from ABC Australia, the tax payers pay for this crap to be made, like they pay trillions for lock downs and experimental vaccines destroying our economy, and our health, as if by design.

In the trials of that partially banned AstraZeneca vaccine which won’t end for another two years, they had one person in a few thousand with transverse myelitis, which is swelling of the spinal cord that can paralyze different body parts along with a couple of hundred other serious adverse events they also said weren’t related to the vaccine.

You get transverse myelitis, you might need to wear a back pack to allow you to breathe, like one young boy I saw who got an HPV vaccine, even though he didn’t have a cervix. He killed himself after a couple of years of agony.

This when a leading expert vaccine designer who works for GAVI and Bill Gates, Geert Vanden Bossche, says we should not be coming out with these vaccines right now in the midst of a pandemic.

You should bare in mind that he’s not the first of these pro vaccine experts who spoke out specifically against the use of these experimental, partially effective vaccines that don’t stop transmission, while millions of people are still getting sick.

The reason is that they make antigen specific antibodies, which he says will continue to be produced, reducing the numbers produced of some or most of the non specific antibodies.

Non specific antibodies work the best against general viruses that the immune system is not used to seeing, and as soon as the viruses mutate, which they have already done, those antibodies won’t work.

He says it’s not just that they won’t work, for every time you teach the immune system to make a specific antibody, in this case programming the cells to make a protein using MRNA technology, they lower the ability of that person to fight off all other non specific viruses.

By the time you’ve made that vaccine, it probably won’t work anymore, already doesn’t work against the South African strain, and there’s thousands of different strains already, millions and millions of virus variants generally.

When they talk about the flu, the reason why the flu shot doesn’t work half the time and has had billions paid out in compensation for injuries and death just in the USA, is they don’t even know what virus they’re making a vaccine for.

They pick four or five different mutations that they think the flu might turn into, out of thousands of actual mutations, and then they hope for the best, and then they try to mandate that. They continually come up with new methods like recombinant vaccines that use bacteria to infect you with the vaccine and haven’t tested them over many years.

No jab, no pay, no jab, no seeing your family in a nursing home, when if you’re lucky it might work half the time, and if you’re not, it will kill you, give you terrible side effects, or you’ll just get sick anyway, maybe even sicker than you would have, because they didn’t vaccinate you against a million different viruses.

What we have already been doing is artificially creating generally weaker immune systems in humans, and vaccine and antibiotic resistant super bugs. Fauci warned of the potential of vaccines making viruses kill more people a year ago.

The answer is to do nothing, and that might be a counter intuitive idea for people who think that medicine has all the answers, but it doesn’t, they’re liars, they’re drug dealers, same people who made heroin and said it was non addictive, exactly the same people.

BTW, the Children’s Health Defense site said to be skeptical when listening to Geert Vanden Bossche as he is working for the vaccine makers, possibly trying to come up with a new angle to sell non specific vaccines that boost the natural killer cells that also serve an important part of the immune system.

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