Is Trump Wrong For Urging His Supporters To Get Vaccinated?

The number one problem I had with Trump was that he pushed operation warp speed, the high speed development and emergency use authorization of experimental vaccines, using a new technology: mRNA.

I’m not the only one who has this problem with him either, even among die hard Trump fans like Alex Jones, he is being criticized by anyone who has been following the vaccine debate carefully in the last year or longer.

They are preparing to do testing on kids as young as six months with the Moderna vaccine, which will soon be followed by the other ones like Pfizer, even as the AstraZeneca vaccine is banned in over twenty countries now.

I somehow keep getting fact checked, on Facebook, where I’m in my ninth 30 day ban in a year. Three quarters of the time I’m not allowed to speak, they fear the truth so much, here was the last one I read.

It fact checked the claim that mRNA vaccines can change your DNA, and then says that RNA can actually change DNA if there is the presence of a retrovirus element, such as reverse transcriptase and integrase which is how the HIV virus replicates.

I know that I’ve only just begun looking at the complexities of DNA and RNA as a part time hobby for a little while, but I can tell you that when it comes to the brain, quantum mechanics and DNA, you don’t ever say we figured it out, or you’d be lying or delusional.

There is at no point, a time when you could say we only have a few more years to go and then we’ll figure out how to be God and cure all illness and make a theory of everything.

This is essentially what they are trying to say they’ve almost done though, mapped the human DNA genome, and have figured out how to make our bodies do almost anything.

The guy from Moderna said in his speech he could cure cancer, could regrow liver tissue, lung tissue, brain tissue, even potentially change the DNA altogether, which they can already do, particularly before birth.

They were talking about it on the WEF site, they can make test tube babies and choose the eye color, the hair color, get rid of genetic diseases, using CRISPR gene editing.

Then they said that someone, (obviously them) would have to regulate this new industry of making the master race of perfect humans. The thing is, if you alter their DNA, they’re no longer actually your biological children, are they?

I have no reason to specifically believe that this vaccine will change your DNA, but there have been many deaths and injuries reported.

The immune system will be permanently altered however by the response it’s forced to make, that’s what vaccines do, sometimes good results, sometimes bad results.

it doesn’t even stop you from getting the virus or stop transmission and young healthy people have more chance of dying in a car accident, or even from getting struck by lightning, than from covid. Lower than one in a million chance of death for kids.

However on that point, they admitted they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, on purpose, did gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, funded by the NIH, through Eco Health Alliance, cost them $600,000 and they also told you there would be a surprise outbreak in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Is Trump Wrong For Urging His Supporters To Get Vaccinated?

  1. No, they were mandating experimental, unapproved stage three trial vaccines that have killed thousands and injured tens of thousands. There were 700,000 deaths recorded on the VAERS vaccine injury reporting site since they began recording them, and they don’t even know how many deaths and injuries the current vaccines cause, compared to any benefit. If there was a benefit in reducing suffering, I might support it, but they are ruthless, lying, authoritarian bastards and after what they did, including making the virus in the Wuhan lab, I can do nothing but suggest you kill them all.


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