Biden Fell And He Couldn’t Get Back Up

This is a fairly sure sign of one of two things, either it shows an old man who is so senile or wasted on medication that he can’t climb the steps to his private jet, or he did it on purpose.

My grandma is ninety something she can’t barely walk at all without a walking frame, she can’t remember the names of her own children, she doesn’t know what day it is.

This perhaps should have been apparent to anyone, the average age of death of men is fairly close to the age they decide to put them in the most powerful position in the world, at least in theory.

I don’t think it is the most powerful position in the world though, not even close. There’s no way the people who were actually in charge would let a man like this be in that position unless he was completely controlled, a puppet.

It almost seems like a calculated attempt to make the whole thing look ridiculous, obsolete, a catastrophic failure just waiting to happen.

This is why the other Democrats asked Biden to hand over the nuclear codes, they don’t want him handling sharp objects after brain surgery, and yet they were the ones who put him in that position in the first place.

It’s fair to say they made the same sort of complaints about Trump, he was an unstable non genius, out of control, irrational, not qualified to do the job, they said.

However Trump never broke his leg while playing with his dog, he didn’t mistake the guy he was running against for a former president, or mistake his wife for his sister.

Again, there’s a general perception that these guys are not just in charge, but solely responsible for everything that happens in the USA, and even in the world.

Trump did this, Biden did that, he made threats against Russia, he bombed Syria without warning or approval from congress, saying it was self defense for an attack in Iraq, they thought was from Iran, but it wasn’t really him doing it.

He’s only there because he’s a puppet, a stooge, blackmailed and compromised in various ways. He has people telling him what to do, the Pentagon, or whoever.

Anyway, China is going to take over as richest country in market share of the world by 2027 or sooner, they’re trying to make a one world government so that it isn’t just China who takes over as the main superpower.

The real power lies with the money, and the large groups of people like the WEF who are seriously organized with a singular goal that they all agree on, at least publicly.

The USA is being broken apart, on purpose, it’s flaws being exposed and magnified, so that people will be more prepared to accept the new system, the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, the new world order.

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