Is The USA On The Verge Of Financial Ruin?

Another interesting Tucker Carlson show about how Russia is clearly not America’s largest threat, China is, for various reasons.

One of those reasons is China is about to take over as richest country in market share, predicted to happen in less than ten years.

The US government is in debt for almost 30 trillion dollars now, with much of that debt being owed to China.

The only way they manage to pay their interest payments and keep the government running is to print trillions of dollars every year.

The problem with this is that you can’t do that forever. You can’t borrow money and only pay off the interest and print money to pay for it, because you eventually run out of other people’s money.

That’s the argument they made against socialism, yet it is China who are set to take over the world, in theory anyway, kind of ironic huh?

The thing about money of this sort is it’s absolutely meaningless, and based on nothing. They call it the petrodollar, meant to be based on the price of oil.

However they were at one point last year paying negative prices for oil, with oil producers actually paying people to take their oil away and store it for them due to the decrease in demand.

You could continue to print fake money, or make electronic cryptocurrency out of nothing, or nowhere, if you wanted to. They did sell hundreds of times more paper trades of silver than actually exist in reality.

What matters in reality for being a world dominating power is resources, land, people, productivity, weapons, and propaganda. Maybe that last one is the main thing, countries don’t even exist without mind control, it’s only a line in the sand if they say it is.

There seem to be tense relations with China to a certain extent, but the apparent plan is to move towards a one world government system based around the United Nations and other globalist NGOs like the WEF.

This is the great reset, and it’s partially because of the US national debt and it’s dwindling power in the world, and the rise of China, along with various other resources they want to control.

There was so much oil they had to pay people to take it away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there will always be oil, and trees and productive farm land and fish in the ocean, metals to mine.

Sustainability is something they really do have to figure out, in the environment, in the government systems, and in society generally. It has never been more clear we aren’t living sustainably, right now, or at least, that’s what they’re saying.

Their plan to radically change things, all around the world could be seen as terrifying at best, a crime against humanity at worst, but we had reached an inevitable crossroads in history for multiple reasons, and they are perhaps right when they say we can’t just go back to normal.

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