Should People Be Protesting In The Streets?

I’ve ran into a few people in the freedom movement who have been saying that it’s practically pointless to protest the harsh restrictions due to covid or that you might need to think of other ways to outsmart these people. I don’t necessarily agree.

Where I am in Australia, there are almost no covid restrictions, or if there are, most people don’t even think about it unless they have to, because it’s been almost a full year since there was a single case in my state, Tasmania.

300 days without any of this new “virus” if there ever was any here in the first place, which might have simply been the result of false positives from faulty PCR tests.

It’s like that in most cities in the world, for example China just says it’s disappeared, for the most part, but they still want everyone to take the vaccines and get anal swabs.

If you google covid cases in China, and then try to look for the deaths on the Google chart, you can’t because they won’t give you that information, they just stopped recording it, problem solved.

They were apparently dropping dead, falling over in the street, bodies lined up on the side of the road a bit over a year ago, and then they were partying in Wuhan and no deaths ever since, even though they keep coming up with a few cases here and there.

I went to the recent protest on March 20th, which had people around the world marching in almost every city against mandatory vaccines and lockdowns and masks and all that.

I listened to the speeches they gave which were simply about our right to refuse their vaccine, but my brief speech was about how they made the virus on purpose.

Also, the various ways they told you that they did and that they planned to reduce the world’s population ten to fifteen percent with vaccines.

There is no virus here, but they have the nerve to try to mandate an experimental vaccine for the virus they made in the Wuhan lab, funded by the NIH to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, as admitted in the fact check, even in places where there has been no virus for months.

I’m not sure exactly how you would tell if there was or not, seeing as the tests never worked, but that’s just another part of this global scam that people should be calling out, but don’t.

A young boy cries to his father after being tested for COVID-19 at the free testing being offered by the state in Chelsea Square. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

A majority of people don’t want to make a fuss, they don’t want to start trouble, they generally accept that they already been beaten to a certain degree.

That’s understandable, to a degree, but that’s exactly why they were allowed to get this brazen in their crimes.

You can’t fight city hall, no that’s not exactly true, if you have a group of seriously pissed off nutcases, you can burn police stations to the ground, burn court houses to the ground, and mostly get away with it, and the police will just run away and not go back to that neighborhood, unless they are specifically ordered to.

There are many such places where the police are unlikely to go, ever, and the place is run by the local gangs or warlords. The Italian mafia have a general rule that killing cops is bad for business, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ever do it.

The reason why most people don’t mess with the mob is they make it very painful for you if you do, and most people would realize that even if you somehow managed to take down all of them, another group would just pop up in their place to fill that role.

It’s kind of the same with government, you need to have someone in power, and power does require a few strong arm tactics, threats of force, war, drug dealing, secrets and lies, etc.

It’s just when the threats of force include attacking the world indiscriminately with biological weapons and taking away the freedom to work, move, play, think, and speak, then you go, hold on a minute, I think we might be better off with anyone else.

Like I was saying however, the majority of people are not tough guys, they’re not even smart guys, and the mainstream media propaganda is so insidious that it’s hard to imagine a majority ever not doing exactly what they’re told to do, to some degree.

They were always ruled, always brainwashed by religion, cults, mind control, and only really when they were actually in danger of starving to death did they rise up in a real revolution, but it required the soldiers themselves switching allegiance from the elites, to the people.

Few could argue that this has happened to a degree where they would actively mutiny against a corrupt system, at this stage, however we are approaching an imminent financial collapse or global depression according to many experts, so things are going as planned.

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