How To Be A Citizen Soldier In World War Three

These German police look like they’re on the dark side of the force.

This is a short compilation video of some of the worst atrocities committed over the last year or more, and I mean they already tried to charge the people responsible with war crimes, because that’s exactly what this is, world war three.

It’s not like any other previous world war, not even like any other war, except maybe the war on drugs, or the war on terror, but in reverse.

It’s an information war, a collection of psy ops to divide and conquer the people of the world and terrorize them with propaganda, take away their freedom and demand that they follow orders, of the elites.

I saw what they were doing immediately, as did millions of people, but like many of those millions of people, including doctors and experts, as soon as I started saying it on social media, I was censored.

This is not what police usually look like in Australia.

They even hacked my Facebook account, I had to change the password, they even called my phone and threatened to switch my internet off, just for running this tiny personal blog and speaking out to thousands of people, not millions.

Their insane totalitarian takeover almost seems to be designed to provoke a response on purpose, to which they will have an answer, an even worse martial law lock down justified by civil unrest and violence.

The thing is, even if you just speak out against it, even if you just peacefully protest, they will manipulate that to make it seem like you’re dangerous, to implement an authoritarian regime of terror.

The time to do something would be before it’s too late, the question is, what can you do in the face of such insane crimes against humanity?

Well, to start with, you have to realize who these people are, the people who made a biological weapon to take over the world by force, including their “own” people.

These police in Italy appear to have blue helmets like the UN.

They’re the same people who always started wars for weapons profits, the same people who sell the drugs, the same people who traffic children, the same people who run death camps, or funded Hitler, just the bad guys.

The way they manage to get away with it is through general ignorance of who they are, and what they did, this time around, and all through history.

With their narrative relying on the idea they’re trying to save old people, you just have to show the video of Bill Gates saying that it’s better to kill old people rather than pay for end of life care because you could give that money to teachers for example, or spend it on better health care for young people.

He said what he thinks quite clearly, and I don’t necessarily disagree with that point when stated exactly like that, you could possibly spend the health care budget in a way that produced more benefit over a longer period of people’s lives.

The thing is, he’s a eugenicist, he said he wants to reduce the population of the world, old people, black people, poor people, sick people, smokers, or just anyone who doesn’t benefit the elites, like him.

Then, he says that he’s trying to save old people, and makes some ridiculous argument that by saving the children from disease people will have less children because they will expect them to all live to adulthood.

Particularly when it comes to covid, this makes no sense whatsoever, and more young people starved to death, in the third world, from the lockdowns than old people died of the virus they made in the Wuhan lab, on purpose.

Every argument they make is fraudulent, and obviously fraudulent, they didn’t even make it that hard to see their out in the open hostile takeover, depopulation of the world.

I continue to oppose them, say what I think, not follow their orders, not believe a damn thing they say, and encourage people to do the same, as for now, that’s the best I can do, as I’m not a soldier, at least not physically, at least not yet.

What the fuck is that seriously? This is what they spent our taxpayer dollars on in Australia? We don’t even have guns.

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