Do People Worship False Idols?

I’ve been aware of the brainwashing of Hollywood music and movies from an early age, it seemed incredibly apparent that they were promoting a certain way of life that wasn’t even legal.

Like I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but they always seemed like they were on cocaine or something, and I know for a fact that they were, even as a majority of rich and famous celebrities, in the eighties to some degree.

That’s not to say they’re all on hard drugs, all day every day, but there is a certain language they use, a way they come across, that always seems to be alluding to a drug lifestyle even if they say they don’t support taking drugs when asked.

Not all of them, and obviously you can’t say a song like Baby by Justin Bieber is about drugs, but not long after that he was fairly publicly outed for being on drugs, along with Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, at least half of them if not most of them, even if they won’t admit it or say they stopped doing it.

I never even tried cocaine so I’m not going to comment on what that’s like, because I can’t, and most people don’t do it either, but you have popular music seeming to promote something that most people don’t do, often without them even noticing it’s happening.

It’s kind of like subliminal programming, hidden messages which bring out the natural urges of people if they’re already predisposed to them.

They used to write love songs almost exclusively, and now it’s almost exclusively somehow about drugs, without even mentioning the drugs by name.

For example, that recent single by Cardi B, WAP, she’s acting like a prostitute, literally, but you can just tell that she’s actually talking about drugs, not really sex, because most women don’t talk that way about sex if they aren’t drunk, or something.

You might say that some women have less inhibitions than others, and that could be a result of drinking alcohol, or just being raised to be naturally aggressive.

I don’t even know if that’s a bad thing, it’s just that they brainwash you with that stuff from birth, and then another part of society comes at you and demonizes you for doing what you were programmed to do with their propaganda even to the point they throw you in jail.

The CIA and the rich elite drug dealers have a lot to do with shaping this Hollywood propaganda, as was explored in the movie Blow.

Get the Hollywood stars to endorse the product, we’ll make a fortune and then that goes to the black budget for funding Nicaraguan death squads and giving weapons to Iran while giving chemical weapons to Iraq.

When you add up all the different illegal drugs and everything related to it like the sex trade, it’s a multi trillion dollar a year industry and you’d be foolish to think that the richest, most powerful people in the world weren’t pushing an agenda through the TV, on purpose.

Even Alex Jones has been accused of being a CIA psy op, while talking about CIA psy ops.

If they’re not specifically responsible for all these things, it’s somebody who has the money and power to put their people in any position in any organization, or to influence people to do things for them, even without their knowledge.

While it does seem that he’s kind of insane in this video and others, what he’s saying does make sense to a certain degree, it’s just most people wouldn’t even think to say it, and it doesn’t necessarily come across as rational, even if it’s true.

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