MSM In Australia Saying Wuhan Lab Is Likely Source Of Covid

The “bat lady” who did gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab, as reported by tons of mainstream news outlets.

Sky News Australia has been one of the most vocal “mainstream media” outlets to call out this pandemic scam and the great reset, everything I’ve been talking about.

They didn’t exactly tell all of the truth in the way I would have liked, for example it took them a long time to start suggesting that they may have made this virus in the Wuhan lab.

Perhaps that’s because it hadn’t been “confirmed” to the level that it could be called proven, but like I been saying, the NIH admitted they paid the Wuhan lab to continue the gain of function research on coronaviruses from bats that they started in America.

3.7 million to Eco Health Alliance who sent $600,000 to the Wuhan lab, and Fauci told you there would be a “surprise outbreak” in 2017, they planned it two months before in Event 201 and they had the vaccine passports plan in ID2020 years before.

It’s proven to the level that would stand up in a court of law if you laid out all the evidence, which would take many months, if not years.

Some things are circumstantial evidence, for example there was that Project Runway designer called Kovid, who made a dress with a mask in early 2019, that they called sick, and his website was called

That could perhaps be written off as a coincidence, but not when combined with hundreds of other such examples of predictive programming that seemed very specific.

The UK TV show Utopia, Rik Mayall’s last movie, One By One, I saw at least one Netflix movie that was seeming to echo the exact situation we’re in, made years before any of this happened.

None of this really compares to the fact that they told you they did it themselves. They said in the WHO’s world at risk report they would be conducting system wide, routine simulations of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen.

Bill Gates said that a pandemic either real or man made would be the most likely thing to wipe out an extra ten million, even thirty million people in the next few years.

He just happens to have invested billions of dollars in vaccines, gives ten percent of the funding to the WHO, and said that if they do a really good job on vaccines they can reduce the population of the world ten to fifteen percent.

That guy is a legit psychopath, it’s very obvious, anyone who saw the things I saw could not deny how ruthless and murderous these people are and they have no reason to, whatsoever.

Bill Gates warning about the virus he was going to release in 2015.

Why is this important? Well, you can potentially convince a lot of people of the fact that they planned it, that they’re responsible for all of it, and not trying to help people, but terrorize people to take over the world.

It’s important because many people believe they’re doing the “right thing” by going along with their plan, and the only way that could have a positive outcome for those who do submit to their tyranny is if they decide to attack the world with more biological weapons and choose who they save with vaccines.

If you asked a lab that made biological weapons and released them on purpose if they did it, would you expect them to say they did?

They could also be killing the world with vaccines, reducing the population through sterilization and extermination while they make trillions of dollars, which is the more likely plan, which they told you they were going to do, themselves.

If you made the “wrong” choice and chose not to get the vaccine(s) and then it turned out the vaccines saved you from their biological weapons attacks, you would still be doing the “right” thing by not negotiating with terrorists in my opinion.

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