Are You Mentally Retarded?

It’s hard to call it anything else but mentally retarded, if you have seen everything going on in the world and don’t get what’s going on.

The thing that’s going on is of course is a great reset, a world takeover, totalitarianism, globalism, money and power for the elites, the new world order.

They want control over everything you do, it doesn’t really matter which side of politics is in power, the agenda is basically the same.

They’ve been more openly violent and totalitarian in the past, just maybe not all over the world at the same time.

It could go either way, and it depends a lot on the people, and whether or not they wake up, and the response of the globalist elites if they do.

The vaccines might work to stop you getting sick, or they might make you sick, or it might not make a difference either way, it’s just a scam to make money.

Bitcoin might go up further, through the roof as the banks of the world decide to put everything into this new system, even though they can’t control it as much because it’s decentralized.

They can manipulate the price of it, and other cryptocurrencies, in the same way they do the stock market prices and they have already been doing that. They might create their own cryptocurrency or try to make new laws and regulations to control it.

Silver and gold could go up in value, which it’s likely to do in actual price because of inflation, because they’re printing trillions of dollars, but whether or not they keep the price artificially low depends on how much there is of it, and how much demand there is in the real world.

There’s the possibility of an actual, physical war, but it’s more likely to be an information war, a financial war, an AI, big tech surveillance war, but make no mistake this is world war three, even if most people don’t agree that it is.

There will probably be a depression, or at least a recession, they seem to be fighting hard to make that happen, as part of the collapse that needs to come before the great reset, which will build it back better or maybe worse.

I’m not going to preach about the morally “right” thing to do, as there are potential pitfalls of following any path as opposed to another one.

If you try to stop people taking drugs by for example spraying coca plants in Columbia with glyphosate, that poisons the crops and the people.

They may go hungry and get angry and form a resistance army who kills more people than the drugs did, and people might just take different drugs like meth.

The same people, the US government sell the cocaine, they trained Columbian generals to deal drugs for them in the school of the Americas, since the forties.

You can’t really guarantee that actions don’t have consequences, both good and bad, regardless of the intentions, and the intentions might be based on lies.

There is one thing for certain though, they have said quite clearly that capitalism is dead, and that they’re going to change what it means to be human, the pandemic offers a rare and narrow opportunity to take over the world, like they been planning to do.

You couldn’t miss what they said, or deny that it happened, and you could argue about “their intentions” as there are many factors involved in global politics, but if you didn’t notice it, or thought it was a “conspiracy theory” then you would probably be mentally retarded, or willfully ignorant.

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