Facebook Augments Reality Again With AR Glasses

The Facebook augmented reality glasses are set to come out fairly soon, they are what’s called a brain-computer interface device, similar to Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which is made to be wired directly into the brain.

That’s a computer chip for your brain, and Facebook’s version is made to be the same basic thing but non invasive, in other words you don’t need a hole drilled into your head to use it.

“This is not akin to mind reading” they say, as they do their very best to read your mind and link your brain and body signals to their website directly, so they can gather more information about your every move, and thought.

People react to this in different ways, a lot of people are concerned about the ethics of linking people to computers, particularly on a physical level with an actual computer chip in your brain, let alone concern about how these elites will then use that transhumanist technology for their own benefit.

“Facebook wants to create a device that can literally read your mind,” VOX Media tech writer Sigal Samuel says.

I have been banned from posting on Facebook for nine months out of the last year, they have silenced my free speech and shown that they have no qualms whatsoever with being authoritarian with censorship and propaganda and surveillance.

I tried to talk to my dad about this and laid out the case for why you can’t trust the people at the top, because they only care about the bottom line and do anything to make money, get power and control the population.

He basically said I used to be into conspiracy theories and it didn’t make me happy, so I just decided not to let myself dwell on the negative aspects of the people in power.

It’s a frank admission, he just doesn’t want to believe they’re evil, greedy criminals, even though he knows full well they are, and just decided not to accept the truth he was shown clear evidence of, because it made him feel bad.

Then these people who make up a majority of society, and stay willfully ignorant of the ruthless nature of these corporations as they’re told about the benefits of joining the Borg army of half robot, half human cyborgs controlled by the elites get in the way of people who try to warn about what they’re doing.

They get in the way to the extent that they might be responsible for the enslavement of the entire human race, one step at a time, as they gradually take away freedom to speak, freedom to move, freedom over what goes in their bodies, and even the privacy of their own thoughts, from inside their heads.

It feels as though they are defending their cult leaders who brainwash them with propaganda and lies because it’s too painful to accept that they are perhaps literal Satanists who make biological weapons in a lab to terrorize people into submission and take over the world.

They call that cognitive dissonance, people have thoughts they don’t like and they just dismiss them because it’s easier, though they know logically it’s true. My dad said he had a mental health problem because I was in a bad mood.

I wonder how he would have handled the Vietnam war, which he said he was almost picked in the lottery to go and fight in. Not very well I imagine.

Am I making too big a deal out of these various technologies? No, Elon Musk said himself AI was the most likely thing to cause world war three, and that the people who controlled it would take over the world.

He said AI is more scary than North Korea, who have nukes, and he says this while he’s leading the effort to build the Matrix humans will live in, in fact he says it’s possible we’re already living in a simulation.

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