Joe Biden Announces Plans To Run For Reelection In 2024

It’s hard to even believe that this is happening, after falling over three times while climbing a flight of stairs, after the unmistakable gaffes and obvious dementia, he says he’s going to run for reelection in 2024.

He will be 81 at that time, older than the majority of men live, and that’s if they haven’t had brain surgery and show obvious signs of age.

I don’t even know how anyone voted him into office in the first place, it was quite obvious he was mentally deficient, and also corrupt and criminal.

That BBC video says the Ukranian prosecutor he bragged about getting fired was an obstacle to the fight against corruption, even though he was investigating his son, Hunter Biden, who is a crack smoking pedophile, almost by his own admission.

Perhaps that’s the whole purpose of him being there, to make the USA look like a joke so it will be less of a blow when the empire falls to pieces.

I can’t see any of this going well, no matter what happens, the attacks on Trump almost seem pale in comparison, except that the majority of the mainstream media is praising Biden, even as he acts like he’s about to be put in a nursing home.

This is the guy who still has the nuclear codes, as far as I know, although they asked him to hand them over to somebody who might have the mental ability to cope with such a responsibility.

He can barely even read off a teleprompter. I can’t predict the future, but I would make plans for everything falling apart, fairly soon, as it almost seems as though they are trying to collapse the USA on purpose.

Personally, I have my house, I have storable food, I have physical silver, I have some bitcoin which currently seems to be climbing back up to the all time high it had a few months ago, and that’s my suggestion.

If you hold onto those things, it will probably be a better investment than keeping your money in fiat currency because there’s likely to be at least some inflation as they print trillions a year for paying off the interest on the national debt and for government spending and stimulus.

I had a friend who told me that Bitcoin was the future, decentralized currency that the world was going to adopt and I listened to him and bought at the peak a few years ago, and lost some money and pulled out.

If I had have held onto that, and bought physical silver then as he had suggested, I would have doubled or tripled my money, and it’s quite possible that’s what will happen again if lots of people get that same idea.

That’s a bit of a coin flip, and I’m not qualified to give financial advice, but when things go bad in the stock market because of consumer confidence or other reasons, people turn to gold, silver, property, and now bitcoin for diversification.

I don’t see that trend disappearing any time soon, not if Biden is allowed to stay in office or have any power, just for the next four years, let alone eight years. There are predictions of a massive global financial crisis, if it hasn’t already begun.

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