You Should Get Vaccinated It’s What Jesus Would Do

The vaccine hasn’t even been fully approved by the biased and corrupt agencies responsible for doing that, and commentators have begun saying it’s what Jesus would do.

It’s amazing to me that people say what Jesus would have done as if they know how he thought, and then use it to sell a product, one that’s been proven to have killed and injured many people.

You could argue that the amount of lives it saves could be higher than the amount of people it kills, but there were reports from Israel that in a five week period, 40 times more old people died, and over 270 times more young people, from getting the vaccine, as opposed to not getting it, not counting the injuries.

People could argue those figures any way they wanted, if they even knew that those were the figures, and weren’t told that it was a conspiracy theory, with the real facts and figures hidden from them or fabricated.

It was a fairly large church leader, the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and as always, a televangelist is not who you should be consulting about morality or truth.

Here’s a guy who said masks don’t work and that people shouldn’t wear them at the start of the pandemic, and now he wears two, and people have gotten beaten up and arrested for not wearing them, based on the “advice” of such people as him.

Almost everyone doesn’t know the truth, and the truth is that Fauci, or the NIH started the research on gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in America and continued the research in the Wuhan lab.

It was funded with US taxpayer dollars, the Chinese government were almost certainly in on it, but not directly responsible, because it was Fauci who said there would be a surprise outbreak in Trump’s administration, in 2017.

It amazes me that people can hear just one thing like that and write it off, and then get told about Event 201, ID2020, the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and development, and so many other things.

I remember they had “deliberate release” on the WHO’s world at risk report, and on Moderna’s patent application, they apparently started making the vaccine before they even know the virus existed, and that has a US patent, or at least SARScov1 had a patent on it.

That’s in the fact check, but do you know that you cannot patent a natural disease, plant or animal? That means SARS was also a man made disease, perhaps the first attempt to start a global pandemic, before they worked out how to do it properly.

It matters a lot whether you believe they released the virus on purpose and planned this whole thing, because it shows them to be psychopathic, mass murdering war criminals, with the very same people bringing out the vaccines.

It’s not just the principle of the thing, that they make viruses to sell vaccines, a murderous, criminal, terrorist business model, that could happen again, it’s that they even say themselves that the vaccines haven’t been proven to be safe or effective.

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