China Makes Alliance With Russia To Threaten The Quad

I apologize for the quality of this video, but it is some news from India which explains the China/Russia alliance, which seems to be looking stronger than ever.

State Councilor Wang Yi said in the meeting on March 21 that “countries should stand together to oppose all forms of unilateral sanctions.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was critical of Western efforts to impose “their own rules on everyone else, which they believe should underpin the world order.”

Wang had previously said in January that “in developing China-Russia cooperation, we see no limit, no forbidden zone and no ceiling as to how far this cooperation can go.”

There are multiple alliances of nations going on at the same time here, there’s the quad, which is the US, Japan, Australia and India.

There’s also various other alliances like NATO, which is United States, United Kingdom, Canada, most of Western Europe and Central Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, and Turkey.

If you were wondering what the “two plus two” phrase refers to, it’s an expression used to indicate that two appointed leaders from each country, the ministers of defense and external affairs for example, will meet up to discuss the two countries’ strategic and security interests.

The US is meeting with South Korea and Japan while issuing specific sanctions to particular Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations such as their oppression of the Uyghur Muslims.

If you remember, just a couple of months ago Biden said that the death camps, torture and sterilization and killing people to sell their organs for profit was just different social norms.

He is right that every country has their own human rights abuses, which are just about common to the entire world, since they forced their oppressive restrictions of freedom through the World Health Organization recently.

The alliances extend almost to the entire world when it comes to certain things, and that is the ultimate goal of the new world order, a one world government where there is no threat to ultimate dominance.

Given the nature of the people involved and their own self interest, and second to that, the interests of their countries’ people, they aren’t likely to bend the knee without reservation, if they don’t need to.

So, an alliance between China and Russia might serve their interests to cement their status as a superpower to be taken seriously in the world, particularly China, but it would still be MAD or mutually assured destruction to actually start a hot war with nukes, or other weapons of mass destruction.

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