Will Covid Lockdowns Ever End?

You might notice a common theme running among the people responsible for this crime against humanity perpetrated on the world, they generally agree that nobody can ever go back to “normal”.

“Normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population” Bill Gates said as he smiled because he would make a twenty to one return on investment on billions of dollars.

“People act like they have a choice” he says, as the mainstream media gets told they will be held hostage by psychopaths who made a biological weapon in a lab to sell vaccines, asking the head mass murdering war criminal for advice.

I’m not personally locked down where I am in the world, Tasmania, Australia, because there has been no virus here for almost a full year, if there ever was any in the first place.

In all of Australia, from the “coronavirus” there were less deaths than the flu, including the flu than every single year going back forever, except maybe until the Spanish flu.

They use the numbers from other countries as evidence that we did the right thing to lock down so hard in cities where there was an outbreak, like Victoria, and that if we hadn’t, we could be seeing the kinds of problems they’re having in America.

I haven’t even subjected myself to the mind control of looking at how bad the pandemic was or is in America, apart from what I pick up here or there because it’s the main part of this global scam.

Pay no attention to the larger amount of people starving to death or on the verge of starvation because of the lock downs in the third world.

Here is an article where Tasmania issues health warnings and quarantine protocols over a single case in Queensland.

This cost Australia about a trillion dollars, and there were less people died from covid, average age 82, than died of the flu, including the flu, every other year, and there’s been practically no cases and no deaths at all, this year.

It’s maybe twice as bad as the flu for older people, but people in risk groups could take Ivermectin and other therapeutics if they get sick, or they could take a risk with an experimental vaccine which the “experts” themselves admit themselves probably won’t stop transmission.

The thing is however, people get sick, they always have and always will, and “the flu” mutated every year, if not every five minutes, so this is a war you cannot win, ever.

This is the number one logical point that people must understand, you cannot ever win this war, it’s like the war on drugs, but much more ridiculous and oppressive, and the same people saying they’re fighting it, deal the drugs as well.

There are millions of viruses, vastly more health problems than that, and we are nowhere near the stage where we could talk about nobody getting sick, even just from one virus, as a world, unless the virus virtually died out by itself.

People credit vaccines for wiping out smallpox, but of course they never vaccinated everyone in the world, that’s preposterous, and the largest possibility of it’s return is that they still have that virus sitting around in labs.

People use the example of polio, but the first polio vaccine had a batch that was nothing but live polio that paralyzed thousands, and more vaccine derived polio is caused by the oral polio vaccine in the third world today.

They only started giving people a flu shot every year recently, and it only started to become “mandatory” in certain situations very recently, and it never fully worked.

It doesn’t work half the time, and it pays out billions in compensation for injuries, if you even can get compensation, if you even knew that your health complaints could be caused by the flu shot.

The flu seems to have just disappeared in many places, wiped off the map, and added to the covid numbers because the PCR test doesn’t specify what virus it’s testing for, so all flu is classified as covid now, they’re even “pooling” multiple swabs into a batch of multiple people to test.

I’m not saying they didn’t make a virus in the Wuhan lab, like they said they did, but they planned this, they planned it thoroughly, it doesn’t even make sense on the face of it, and it’s a war crime from start to finish.

There are possible arguments you could make once you knew the full extent of their crimes in favor of their endless lockdowns, but those arguments would also require you to believe the narrative of the same people.

For example, there’s been less Co2 emissions, less use of resources, but Bill Gates said planting trees would not be worth doing to reduce Co2, and instead we should all eat plant based meat substitutes, everyone, instead of beef.

I saw a cow with a bag on it’s back to catch it’s methane emissions, these people are just insane, or perhaps just evil beyond comprehension.

Psychopathic war criminals pushing a new world order or brainwashed freaks who make no sense, and the only reason people go along with it, at all, is they have guns, and because they been brainwashed with the most insidious propaganda.

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