Are Women Taught To Hate Men From Birth?

Buy the book and read it, and you too will learn to hate men.

Bare with me on this, because it’s kind of important, what I’m saying is very obviously happening is that women and girls have been brainwashed to hate men from birth.

They’re not just told to go to work and leave a man for any reason, that they don’t need a man to be happy, that their dream is being a working single mother, if a mother at all, they’re taught to hate men which also resulted in the opposite.

This probably occurs because at least half of their mothers were taught the same thing, and are single parents as a third of them, and probably got divorced if they ever got married or had multiple partners as a majority.

They got told that there’s a patriarchy and men are dominating them, oppressing them, but my experience of women was the opposite.

They dominated me, they told me what to do, I had to practically walk on eggshells and do everything they said, or I got nothing at all, for years at a time. I was a slave if I even got treated that well.

This may be partially due to the fact I saw what society was like immediately, and gave up, tuned in, dropped out and said I’m not working for “the man”.

My mother killed herself after divorcing my dad at two, studying to be a nurse for years, only to be working a job she hated, cleaning up old people’s crap and lifting them into body bags in a nursing home, living in a council block of flats, trying to be a lesbian.

It’s obvious that young girls should be taught about stranger danger, there is a potential risk of them being kidnapped by men who are now left alone as a majority, or at least for the majority of the time, but how often do they teach girls that men could also be the best thing that ever happened to them?

How often is there a positive role model for family and marriage or love? Their entire goal seems to be trying to turn girls into women who hate men and want to be men.

The dreams of little girls with Barbie dolls and baby dolls of marrying a handsome prince, which were always the dreams most girls had of living happily ever after? Gone in large part, even demonized.

Like that woman said, if you can brainwash them when they’re young, people learn almost everything they’ll ever know before they’re seven, and once it’s in there, it’s a part of the structure of their brain, and it never, ever goes away.

That’s feminism, a eugenics program designed to lower the population, invented by the American Eugenics society, the same people who funded Hitler, or people heavily associated with that philosophy.

Maybe you’d prefer to read this one instead.

I’m not making that up, you can research it for yourself. The women started working at that same time, and it was the exact same people who encouraged it, then the CIA made a hundred million doses of LSD and created the hippy movement.

Women burned their bras and left their husbands, took birth control pills and had lots of sex with different men on various drugs and they thought that they came up with the idea by themselves.

We are oppressed doing what women always did, so let’s go work a different job, raise the price of houses, lower the average wage for everyone which they now need two of to afford a house, and make it harder to start a family and keep it together, and die alone as a majority.

Why were they able to convince women and girls to hate men and criticize them for doing their traditional job as provider and protector, after they built the entire system in the first place?

Because they were brainwashed from an early age, in schools and by the media and parents, and it doesn’t have to make sense, you just repeat the same big lie over and over again and they believe it. It’s like religion, but in reverse.

I’m not kidding, even fundamentalist Christians who believe in the literal truth of the bible no longer advocate no sex before marriage, marrying for life, for better or for worse, until death do us part with traditional gender roles.

They somehow got it into their head, that all this was righteous, based on nothing, based on feminism, which was a calculated eugenics program by the same people who now try to ban the words mother and father and turn girls into boys and boys into girls, before they even reach puberty.

I have not been popular for speaking out about this, particularly the old tradition of marrying young, but I continue to do so because the brainwashing is so insidious and full of hate, it will just continue to get worse and worse if I don’t say anything about it.

One thought on “Are Women Taught To Hate Men From Birth?

  1. I don’t believe women are taught to hate men. I think numerous experiences of sexual assault/abuse, cat-calling, being stalked, and getting harassed are why some women hate men.


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