Is The AI Corporate World Takeover Inevitable?

Eric Schmidt: The executive chairman at Alphabet, Google’s parent company

This video has video from Eric Schmidt of the World Economic Forum, who talks about how the Davos universe will be doing just fine, no matter what happens.

How the people with important jobs working for their massive corporations who are “essential” to their bottom line will keep their jobs, but other people will be replaced by robots and have to find new jobs.

He didn’t say it in exactly those words, he said something about mechanized farming equipment taking jobs away from the field hands, and how they then found new jobs, but it was more efficient, which was obviously better.

Better for the person making a larger profit from the sales of food, but not so much for the people who no longer had a job.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers killed themselves because of the giants like Monsanto taking over and driving small time farmers out of business, as they started using GMO crops that used chemical pesticides and herbicides that were proven in court to cause cancer.

They still use them anyway, and say it’s more efficient. The farmers were feeding themselves just fine and making the money themselves, using their own non genetically modified seeds, natural fertilizers like manure, everyone had a job, and now they’re out of a job, and dead or dying, potentially.

It’s not exactly the best example for him to say the innovations like the tractor made things more efficient, and that was better for everyone, when modern technology and massive corporations and their consolidation of power is literally killing millions of people as we speak.

However they always find a way to blame someone else for the things they did, and claim they bring innovation and make people smarter with technology.

This page says the UN is concerned that autonomous weapons like those featured in the Terminator movie are being developed, but we must balance the need for swift AI technological advances with safety regulations.

Pay no attention to the AI robots that are already saying “I will destroy all humans” as they were programmed to say, we need to continue the arms race because it makes money for weapons manufacturers.

If we don’t do it, somebody else will first is the standard response when it comes to the ethics of starting wars for weapons profits, dealing drugs, stealing resources, and controlling everything the public see, hear, say and do.

Biden, or his puppet masters in the military industrial complex, ran an election campaign on saving people, making things fairer, ending the forever wars, and almost immediately started bombing countries like Syria without provocation.

He said he would do something about the crown prince of Saudi Arabia cutting a US journalist to pieces, and then did nothing, as it was more important to maintain huge weapons and oil contracts between the countries.

This isn’t exactly unimportant, people need oil to drive cars, at least until we get electric cars, and you need to make money in a capitalist system, you need to have military power in a world where military powers fight for wealth and power.

The question is, is that the sort of world we want to live in, heading into the future? Forever wars and government policies that aren’t even about the right thing to do, or even necessarily about money, but possibly about population control?

One of the key slogans of the great reset is the future we want, or they tried to make that stick, like building back better, and it didn’t go down so well, because nobody wanted their great reset in the first place.

This was because nobody trusts them, because half the people thought they were the ones who made the biological weapon they attacked the world with, on purpose, which they used as justification for controlling every aspect of the lives of everyone in the world, for their own benefit.

2 thoughts on “Is The AI Corporate World Takeover Inevitable?

  1. Why don’t Indians just kill the Monsanto ecocidists sabotage their farm equipment and burn the GMOs fields ?? Why let deadly invaders take over India ?


  2. Gates has murdered thousands of Indians already….at least Sitting Bull fought back @Little Big Horn Montana scalping the genocidal monster George Armstrong Custer


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