Global Vaccine Passports With Facial Recognition Software

I been hearing about digital certificates of vaccination or covid passports for almost as long as covid has been around. Bill Gates was talking about it publicly from the start and it’s starting to be rolled out in the US already.

He was of course largely responsible for ID2020, the digital ID system that Microsoft funded, to verify that people had been vaccinated with the vaccines he makes a twenty to one return on, which was in the works for years.

All of this was in the works for years, including the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab, funded by the NIH through Eco Health Alliance.

It’s really important for me to remind people of that whenever I talk about this whole thing, just to remind people who is responsible.

This guy says that people will have their face scanned with facial recognition software, not just an app on their phone, so that they can get into venues, fly on planes, etc.

I already saw kids in some Asian country having to get a retinal scan and a scan of a QR code on a card hanging around their neck just to go to school.

This is being rolled out around the world, Israel was the first to have green passes, and banned people from many parts of every day life if they didn’t have them.

Then the EU then announced they would be doing it, the UK, Australia, the USA, it’s not entirely clear how many people will use them, but some people have no choice.

As was pointed out, vaccines have been mandatory in certain situations like in schools for children, in nursing homes, for medical workers and other employees of private corporations.

About 30 or 40% of Americans are not going to get the experimental covid vaccine he said, and maybe a similar number have already gotten SARScov2, the name of the virus, not the disease caused by it, and some, or even most of them may have not even noticed they had it, according to them.

At the beginning, they said that over half of the people who got the virus had no symptoms at all, or were asymptomatic carriers.

The number of people who tested false positive has been estimated to be anywhere up to 90% in healthy people, which makes sense because they weren’t sick. The test is the test that tests the test, and you also have to rely on those people, who are selling the tests to not be lying, which they could easily do.

The only verification of this was a test which was proven to be ineffective, however out of those who tested positive, 99.7% recovered without any problems, most without any symptoms at all, give or take, nobody really knows because the test didn’t work.

So let me lay it out again, the people who used US taxpayer dollars to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, who had a plan to take over the world through medical tyranny, want you to take their vaccine and will punish you if you don’t.

It doesn’t work all the time, doesn’t stop transmission all the time, it’s not even approved yet, still in the stage three trials of a new technology that messes with RNA and Fauci said it could possibly kill more people.

Some have been banned in many countries, there are other therapeutics that have been around for years that work fairly well, and most people, even a majority of people don’t even get sick if they have it.

The majority of the less than 0.1% of the world’s population who died last year were almost exclusively about to die anyway, of old age and more died from starvation due to the lockdowns, who I included in that number of victims of their biological weapons attack.

They are also costing the world about 28 trillion dollars with their obvious, out in the open scam, which is a crime against humanity even if you thought they didn’t make the virus in the first place, to sell the vaccine, and everything else they’re doing.

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