12 Year Old Boys Forced To Apologize To Girls For Being Boys

I’m not making light of the problems that women face, being born female. Almost half of them if not all of them will deal with some sort of sexual harassment, if not worse, however that’s an inevitable instinct to some extent.

Men are born with the instinct to try to find a woman, not so much the other way around, and if they didn’t do that, there wouldn’t be a human race at all, sometimes they might try a little too hard or be a little too forceful.

However, there has been a change in the entire traditional relationship between men and women, and a push to stop “undesirable behavior” that just keeps getting more and more extreme.

In this case boys who have barely gone through puberty and probably never touched a girl as a majority are forced to apologize for being boys, for the rape and violence committed by a minority of older men.

I mean, I remember when they had a national sorry day where non indigenous Australians were asked to apologize to the traditional owners for not having ancestors who lived here thousands of years ago.

The genocide was real, for example in Tasmania, there wasn’t a full blood left alive, they put the last one’s skull in a museum, and I have maybe one thirty second Tasmanian Aboriginal blood myself, or that’s what I was told.

The problem is, once people allow collective guilt to be an acceptable cultural norm, there are those who might begin to hate or blame all men, or all white people, or all women and all black people for that matter, in response.

You can see quite clearly that when the roles are reversed, it’s just racism and sexism which shouldn’t be tolerated.

We have to try to fix these issues with “inequality” but from what I can tell, this is a clear example of that, boys being blamed just for being born male.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a eugenics program, the marriage rates and birth rates just keep falling, the divorce rates rising, and that in itself is causing an increase in violence or disorder, due to the increased frustration of men.

Girls are raised to seek a career for themselves and worry about having kids at some later stage, and by the time they’re in their late thirties, and really feeling the maternal instinct, it’s pretty much too late.

They gave up the most fertile period of their life to pursue the most noble of all goals, making money, to spend on nothing in particular, just freedom from having to rely on a man to make money, while they did the housework.

The housework still needs to be done, somebody still needs to take care of kids if you’re going to have them.

They went to work to have extra work to do, while the increased wages of a two income household simply resulted in the house prices going up, due to demand, so there was no extra money anyway.

They wanted not to be a slave to men, a possession, an employee, and all it did was give them more work to do, for less reward, which was doubly so for men.

If any man does not get how feminism negatively affected their own sex, they must be blind, or getting laid, being in a position where they are desirable enough for that to happen regularly, if at all.

And if any woman doesn’t get how the selfish push for “justice” and “independence” had a negative effect for the entire society, the men, the children from broken homes, even most women being more stressed, they aren’t able to see the big picture in my opinion.

Sex crimes and violence did not decrease significantly, it even got worse in the most serious cases, the overall happiness did not increase, if anything it’s obviously worse, the average financial position is not better.

They left men behind to concentrate on a career, and by the time their biological clock starts ticking, the men they left alone to do that aren’t even interested in them, or they’re what they call INCELs.

These men may still get laid sometimes, for example just a month ago one of these guys shot up a massage parlor where he was spending all his money in the USA to rid himself of the temptation.

A 25 year old man drove off the road and killed a bunch of bystanders, a 17 year old boy stabbed a stripper outside a strip club because he wasn’t allowed in.

This was the guy who couldn’t get laid, to the point he couldn’t take it anymore. An INCEL mass murderer.

These stories of mass murder and violence, specifically motivated by their anger at women are indicators of a problem that cannot be fixed simply by further demonizing men.

They are obviously suffering themselves, perhaps even more than women were in oppressive marriages of the past.

If we really want to fix the problem, we need to try to get men and women back together, in healthy relationships of some sort, because they belong together, and the goal should never have been to stop it from happening altogether.

The reason they aren’t together as a majority, constantly fed a one sided narrative was because it was a eugenics program to reduce the population from the beginning.

It didn’t arise naturally, it was a government policy for depopulation and it worked, and you can see that they’re continually pushing more extreme versions of feminist brainwashing in schools and in the media.

All I see every day are stories of pedophiles and rapists and INCELs and prostitutes and drugs and crime. And then women say that happen to “me too” because a guy whistled at me in the street.

This seems to be the result, if not the method of brainwashing to break up the nuclear family and lower the population and then they want to export this success story to the world.

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