How To Make Money In A Stock Market Crash

Not going to pretend to be an expert in the stock market, but if I had have known that 9/11 was going to happen and asked my financial advisor to short stocks instead of investing in them, I wouldn’t have lost fifty percent of the money I had in those stocks.

I was lucky enough to get out in time to buy my house with the money that was left in my trust fund, but it was a terrible crash for many people, while others did very well.

The reason why I think the stock market is going to crash is it’s artificially held up with trillion of dollars that are printed out of thin air by the US government, not specifically because it’s doing well by itself.

There are risks involved with any investment like hedge funds, and many people think that other investments like physical precious metals are a better investment like silver and gold, or if you want to flip a coin, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Property never loses it’s value completely, and almost always goes up over time if you wait long enough, but it’s fairly overinflated in value as well as everything else.

Given the level to which everything is overinflated, and the amount of money they’re printing, which causes inflation, it’s hard to say, but I would start by buying things you need, and will use, regardless of whether they go up in value, but maybe not borrow to buy it.

If inflation happens in the way many people predict it will, and prices go up for food for example, or if anything goes wrong with the supply chain, you will be grateful you bought some storable food.

In my opinion that’s the best advice I can give, make sure you have your food and shelter sorted out first, if you want to play it safe.

You may need one of these.

After that, anything could happen really, apart from my house I have a little bit of silver and bitcoin, litecoin, monero, but I never really had all that much money to invest, as I’m still paying off a small home loan, and any investment I made would have to be better than just paying off more of that.

With a five percent interest rate give or take, a three percent a year inflation rate, either of which could change, my investment would have to go up compared to inflation or do better than five percent, or over the long term it wouldn’t be worth it.

Some people put their money in a term deposit that has a lower than one percent interest rate, and that’s like giving your money away, they’d be better off buying macaroni and cheese.

It’s risky business playing the stock market or investing in anything, but the more you risk, the more you can gain, potentially. Anything could happen.

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