EU Planned Vaccine Passports In Early 2019

This video is a disgusting debate with authority worshipping brainwashed morons, that’s all I can call them.

They talk about how you won’t be able to go into pubs or work, or travel if you don’t take an untested, experimental vaccine that doesn’t even work and kills young healthy people.

This without first noticing that for most of the time you could still go into pubs in most of the world including in the UK. Regardless of whether there was covid around or not, there’s always been diseases in the world, and many people have been travelling on planes the whole time.

They say it’s your choice not to have the vaccine, but that means it’s your choice not to be able to do anything that “normal” people can do, because they risked their life as a guinea pig.

It just makes me sick, and I couldn’t watch the end of the video, but I just thought I’d point out something. They were working on vaccine passports before covid happened, before the brainwashing campaign.

Bill Gates was working on ID2020, a digital identity for people to prove their vaccination status, years ago and it’s well known he had plans for potential microchips and invisible quantum dot tattoos as part of that for years.

Vaccine passports were also mentioned in the plans of the European Commission in 2019 or earlier.

The whole thing was planned in Event 201, Fauci said there would be a surprise outbreak in 2017, Bill Gates said that a pandemic either naturally or intentionally caused could be the most likely thing to kill millions of people.

Notice he said intentionally caused, multiple times, and the general scientific consensus is now that the virus did most probably come from the Wuhan lab funded by the NIH through Eco Health Alliance to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats.

There is a conspiracy to make vaccines mandatory, he did say that people would need to show a certificate of vaccination almost immediately, and he came up with the whole thing and will make trillions from it with his big pharma corporate criminal friends.

Anyone who does not see how everything the “crazy conspiracy theorists” were saying the whole time is coming true is delusional, doesn’t understand facts, and cannot think for themselves.

Just trying to search for where Bill Gates said it was quite hard because they tried to hide it on Google with fact checks, that it was about microchipping everyone.

They said it was a conspiracy theory that he said there would be vaccine passports for experimental covid vaccines which aren’t even proven to work, at all, and caused side effects in almost everyone immediately, because those words constituted a war crime to any rational person.

Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.

Bill Gates

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