Forced Medical Experimentation Worldwide : Covid Passports

Bayer is still the largest big pharma company in the world, just took over Monsanto and did tests on prisoners of war in Nazi Germany.

This is a New Zealand MP talking about her massive reservations with their government openly breaking the law, and using their tax payer dollars to advertise their using people as guinea pigs, as is happening around the world.

Before there even was a vaccine, Bill Gates was saying everyone in the world would have to take it before we could go back to normal, when the last time they tested a coronavirus vaccine on ferrets, the ferrets died in higher numbers when exposed to the wild SARS virus.

Fauci said publicly that there was a possibility the vaccine could kill more people, that it didn’t stop transmission, and also that he paid Eco Health Alliance to pay Chinese scientists to do the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab.

They both just happen to make money from selling vaccines and big pharma products, and Bill Gates is the largest donor of the WHO, but that’s not a conflict of interest, is it?

He also said publicly he wants to reduce the world’s population by ten to fifteen percent, to innovate Co2 to net zero emissions, when humans don’t even make most of the world’s Co2.

Take a look at just some of the horrific experiments these sick bastards have been responsible for in the past, and now everyone is a test subject.

They’re rolling out this vaccine passport while people are dying from the vaccine, while the vaccines are being banned in twenty or more countries, and then being unbanned again, and again, with the media saying you should feel good about getting side effects, that means it’s working.

I got the flu shot, and I got the flu, I didn’t tell anyone about it, nobody asked, it wasn’t even a doctor who gave it to me, it was a chemist, but I was lucky I didn’t have a serious reaction.

Many people died and were injured from the flu shot, which is experimental every year and only a small number of those deaths and injuries were reported, let alone compensated.

This video below explains how there are studies to show that even if this vaccine worked to stop the worst of the symptoms, it doesn’t stop transmission, which is allowing potentially deadly strains to spread widely from their vaccinated carriers.

The more people you vaccinate, the more people able to carry around virus mutations with a larger death rate, meaning the most dangerous people to socially distance yourself from, could be the vaccinated, according to experts.

Almost as soon as vaccines were made, they struggled to demonstrate that they didn’t kill or injure more people than the diseases themselves as the cutter incident showed.

They’re never going to vaccinate everyone, and even if they did, it wouldn’t work all the time, as evidenced by the flu still existing. It just gets better and better at adapting like bacteria evolve to be resistant to antibiotics.

It adapted anyway, but the constant war was between our natural immune system and the viruses, and we didn’t always save everyone, but we won the battle over millions of years as a species, which is at risk. Our entire species is at risk from experimentation, not from this slightly worse flu.

These people have been brainwashed, and I’m not denying that they think they’re trying to do the right thing as a majority, however they’re wrong, they’re doing forced medical experimentation on the world, and that is treason based on the Nuremberg code, and carries a sentence of life in prison or death in most countries.

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