Does Biden Have Dementia?

This is Allan Jones from Sky News Australia saying what everyone knows, Biden is cognitively deficient, he has dementia, he’s not all there, and it doesn’t just affect America, but possibly the entire world.

He signed a bunch of things into US law, like everyone has to wear masks, even two masks, though there’s been no evidence of cases of covid going down in places where they had widespread lock downs and mask wearing.

He basically opened the border, stopped building the wall, and let everyone in if they had a kid, causing a flood of illegal immigration, now made legal by a loophole.

He signed a multi trillion dollar infrastructure plan, that would include subsidizing electric cars, which I’m not totally opposed to, but shutting down oil pipelines and coal power plants, which are obviously still necessary until you get people to switch over.

I was once one of the people calling for climate change action, but I’ve since realized the degree to which these people can make up a bunch of lies and call it science, on a massive scale.

This guy said he would shut down construction of a highway because it was racist, and tear down an existing highway because it was racist, because it went through a black neighborhood.

Pregnant women in the army, free sex change surgery for US soldiers, they’ll cut the balls off little boys without their parent’s permission, just because it’s woke.

There is a certain degree to which I didn’t want to speak out against some of these woke philosophies, claiming to be against racism and sexism and bigotry.

I support freedom to live alternative lifestyles, I don’t support discrimination, and I want to help the environment and poor people, stop women from getting raped, but there’s a point at which it’s just mental.

There’s a point at which they seem so insane, it’s like they’re trying to act mentally ill on purpose, just for the hell of it, or to collapse the country, send it broke, break it into pieces and cause a depression, or a war, even world war three.

It’s hard to imagine a country that could vote for this guy, considering they knew he had dementia prior to him becoming president, but what’s worse is that they just seem to accept that it doesn’t matter anyway, because somebody else is pulling the strings.

Somebody else, meaning who exactly? The Democratic party? China? The rich elite corporations? The banks? The UN? The WEF and Davos?

Biden is not in charge because as anyone can see, he’s not capable of being in charge, which makes the entire idea of democracy a joke, because he’s not really the president, nobody would allow that to happen, surely.

I don’t particularly think Trump was great either, but this is beyond a joke, it’s just madness, quite literally, and even those who supported him didn’t really get what they wanted.

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