World Economic Forum: Shaping The Future Of AI Governance

Let me just start by saying the obvious, this is a group of non elected, corporate criminals who planned the release of a biological weapon to take over the world, talking about how they will be shaping the future of global governance through AI tyranny.

The fourth industrial revolution is here they say, capitalism is dead, democracy is dead, the world leaders are them, and you won’t be voting for leaders anymore, they’ll be voting themselves into power with their money.

They talk about how the technocratic AI dictatorship rose, specifically during the covid 19 pandemic that they attacked the world with, so they could force citizens to forgo their rights and bend the knee to them.

They then talk about how they spied on people, censored them, tracked them, threatened them, arrested them, beat them up, sprayed them with pepper spray and water cannons for protesting peacefully.

They put ankle bracelets on them and pressured them to inject poison and die while they were forced to pay for all of it through their taxes, all over the world.

How they took away their right to work, travel, go outside and hug their family, without a covid passport, to force them to take a lethal injection to reduce the world’s population while making trillions of dollars, and then they talk about trust.

Then they talk about how you will be eating bugs and weeds instead of beef, you will own nothing and you will be happy, you will have a computer chip in your brain that will think your thoughts for you, and if you manage to think for yourself, they will call the pre crime agents to put you to sleep with another lethal injection that they will call a vaccine.

They will then replace you with a robot who can learn, and do your job better than you can, and the machines will move towards a Matrix style world where any remaining humans will live in a virtual reality simulation, as they block out the sun with chalk dust in the upper atmosphere.

It’s kind of a boring video, but I thought it was important to mention they’re having a meeting about global governance through artificial intelligence, talking about “ethics” related to taking away people’s freedoms, and there was one guy there who actually worked for the US government in some capacity.

Just in case you thought it had anything to do with “us” deciding anything, I tried to leave a comment on the video, and it was deleted within seconds, and the live chat was turned off.

People are aware of their role in everything that happened, not just in the last year, but going back decades and I’d be surprised if somebody doesn’t try to kill them all, not that I’m hopeful that they will manage to do it.

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