Totalitarian Brainwashing In Incremental Steps

Once you see how quickly a society can be brainwashed, it might lead you to rethink everything you ever thought you knew.

What are your thoughts, and are they really your own, or were they spoon fed into your mind from birth?

What is reality, and can you analyze truth objectively when it comes to laws and society, and social stigmas and propaganda?

I’ve had to do a fair bit of thinking, and the conclusion I came up with is, you cannot think a single original thought, ever, unless you’re a creative genius.

There are inventors and artists who can come up with new concepts, but they’re few and far between.

Most people simply copy everything that everyone else is doing, and even the non conformists are usually conforming to a pattern or perceived norm of non conformity.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s start with the “rebels” of society, people who take drugs, wear black, listen to punk, goth or metal music.

This is such a standard thing for a large minority of young people to do, it’s almost being a rebel not to do it, or it was for a while there, however they usually conform even within those groups with their hair and clothes and everything.

Take the conspiracy theory crowd, the anti vaxxers, the Qanons or whatever. They were specifically mentioned in the pre planning scenario of the SPARS pandemic which looks exactly the same as what happened with covid.

They were controlled opposition, or they created the whole thing, on purpose, the exact same people who were claiming to fight their “misinformation” or at least, they somehow predicted exactly what happened, down to the last detail.

The “growing citizen pushback” to lock step was mentioned in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and development from 2010 and it was written in past tense as though it had already happened.

The US government or the CIA run the global illegal drug trade, and have a zero tolerance policy for the people who buy their drugs.

They probably run the child trafficking and sex trade as well, through the same gangs, while putting out propaganda to demonize their own activities, and other propaganda glorifying it at the same time.

Why would they do that? Well, the jails make a lot of money, like in America alone, they make about a quarter trillion dollars a year, some public, some private profit.

The weapons for wars and self defense, two guns to every American, the total military spending for the world is about 3 trillion a year with 79% of that spent on US made weapons, most of that for the US armed forces.

The drugs, if you just count the heroin and cocaine, that’s about half a trillion a year, (rough estimate), not counting big pharma drugs, which are worth even more than that.

War isn’t just profitable, sucking trillions in taxes directly into their pockets, conflict allows you to divide and conquer a society. They’re fighting against each other, so they’re not fighting against the government.

They demonize the right or the left, even within the government, and then they switch sides every few years, so that hatred of the group which is demonized for all of that by one side can dissipate, and the other side can get mad for a while.

They are however the same people at the top, and the opinions that people have come from the same place. They think them, even without rational reason or evidence, just because they were told to, by the media.

Once you have a political view fed to you by one side or the other, you will argue that the government should do this, the government should do that, but you have no real choice in what they do.

You don’t even have a choice in what you think they should do usually, you’re just told what you can think, or what you’re allowed to know, and you choose a side and then you vote, and the vote means virtually nothing, which is why I don’t vote.

What I do, is try to resist the government, no matter what it is they’re trying to do, no matter what it is they told me to do, because in essence they are just men with guns threatening you to do what they say, or else, using “democracy” or “your safety” as justification for tyranny.

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