Smart Masks For The Mentally Challenged

Let me try to put this in context, what I’m going to say here, about masks not being all that smart, no matter how smart you try to make them.

Fauci said masks don’t work, might stop a drop of spit from your mouth, if you’re already sick.

It doesn’t stop you from catching a virus, viruses have always been around, and with this one they say most people don’t even know they have it, if they do.

In my country more people died of the flu than covid every other year going back forever, even when you include flu numbers, and not a single death from covid this year, no covid in my state for almost a year.

That might be specific to my location, but tuberculosis killed as many people in the world as covid, every year. More people got AIDS every year, the only reason people think they have any substantially increased risk of death is they were fed a bunch of lies, in my opinion.

The vaccines don’t even work enough that they say you should stop wearing masks after you take them, after risking death by taking an experimental vaccine, some of which have been banned in dozens of countries.

The risks of breathing your own exhaust fumes are even mentioned in the WEF ad for their smart mask, which has a smart function which tells you when there’s too much Co2 building up inside it.

If there was a truly deadly bioweapons attack, you might need something like this, it allows you to drink without taking the mask off.

It also tells you when to wash it, tells you when you’re not wearing it, so you can always be aware that you have to wear their masks, take their vaccines, buy their products and shut down your own small businesses and social interactions.

This is so that you will own nothing and be happy, and they will own everything, and be happier, although to be honest I’ve never seen Klaus Schwab smile ever.

You used to get fined $110,000 as a corporation if you tried to sell masks in Australia during the SARS outbreak, by saying they stopped you from getting SARS, because the science showed that they don’t, at least not without a bio weapons suit.

They keep coming up with new products, like a well health safety seal for businesses, which costs thousands of dollars a year to give you a rating, based on your susceptibility to brainwashing by terrorists, and celebrities like these.

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