The Last Stand Of Freedom Of Speech

As I mentioned in my last post about “antiscience” the Corbett Report, one of the last great truthers on YouTube got his account terminated after many years of great work.

He predicted that he would be shut down, along with countless other people, who make up a large portion of the videos I post on this blog, which probably means half of my posts have broken links, but that’s why I’m going to be posting Bitchute videos from now on.

They don’t seem to look as good or have all the same functionality as YouTube videos, but they do the job, you can make the video larger by clicking in the bottom corner of the screen and adjusting it.

I’m not giving up on YouTube completely, as there are some things you can only get on that site, but if you want truth from truthers who tell the truth that they don’t want you to hear, because it’s true, you will have to look elsewhere.

As Dollar Vigilante mentions in this video, they are making it harder and harder for the truth to be heard on the big tech platforms, so people are increasingly watching things on alternative media sites and the websites of those people directly.

Some other great truthers whose videos I have been posting are Computing Forever, The High Wire, and if this trend continues, they might ban Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

The reason they gave was that he was being racist for saying that they had opened the border, to let illegal immigrants flood in, which is happening, and I saw a video of a woman with cartel gang tattoos holding a baby at an airport, to be exported to some unknown destination in the US.

The claims being made is that they aren’t just flooding the US with illegal immigrants to gain Democrat votes, or to replace white people with foreigners, but that they were openly running a child sex trafficking ring through the same gangs who import the drugs, who the same government had given immunity for decades.

The CIA “manage” the illegal drug trade, they gave weapons and immunity to the Sinaloa, who work with MS-13, as part of a criminal underworld who probably operates most of the sex trade as well.

Half a million kids go missing every year in the USA, ten times what it was in the eighties when Ted Gunderson from the FBI was trying to investigate Satanic cults, and at that time, they shut him down, placed a penny at the foot of his bed, cut his brake lines and allegedly poisoned him with arsenic.

If that was all true, then the US government is on some level, responsible for mass murder, drug dealing, child sex trafficking, on a level to rival almost any criminal gang in the world.

But anyone who might try to report on the crimes of these people gets two bullets in the head, ruled a suicide, or more likely these days, just silenced from speaking on major media or social media outlets.

They can still speak, but the tactic now is to call anyone who is banned a conspiracy theorist, and how did they manage to get a majority to dismiss these claims so easily?

One word, Qanon. Qanon was a cult like conspiracy theory movement created by the same people to discredit conspiracy theories, and it was mentioned in their pre planning documents like the SPARS pandemic scenario from 2017, or they called it ZapQ.

As I have mentioned before, it was so outrageous, so full of libelous claims against famous celebrities, and so full of misinformation, it was easily used as the sole justification for banning countless people who spoke the “truth”, and they were all labeled dangerous conspiracy theorists, and lumped into the Qanon category.

That’s not to say that many of the claims within the large umbrella of “Qanon” conspiracy theories were not true, but the groups were packed full of insane claims like the earth is flat, Biden is a clone, adrenochrome is an addictive immortality drug, and just about anything, everything.

I will admit that the claims I make are just as serious, sound just as insane, but the main difference with the things I’m saying is they are backed up by virtual admissions by the very people themselves.

Johns Hopkins, WEF, Bill Gates, Rockerfeller Foundation videos, pages and documents that state fairly clearly what they were planning to do before they did it, saying in no uncertain terms what they wanted to do, which usually was what did happen, because they have the power to make it happen.

I have been shut down myself on Facebook most of the last year, I haven’t been making truther videos on YouTube, although I have some music videos there, and I even got threatening phone calls more than once just for this small site.

I view this as a critical time for the human race, a time when freedom may be at risk of disappearing forever if we don’t take a stand and fight for the right to express our personal truths and political opinions.

If you’re reading this, you are the resistance, and we need every last man on the side of freedom, justice, truth and democracy, if we have any chance of saving any of those things for future generations.

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