American Defamation League Say Tucker Carlson Has Got To Go

The American Defamation League had a guy on CNN saying Tucker has got to go, because he made the “racist” statement that Biden had opened the borders to flood America with what they used to call illegal immigrants who would vote for him.

It doesn’t seem to matter that somebody printed up thousands of Biden shirts and gave them to these people to wear, as they opened the borders to let them in, it’s racist to say what they did, because they’re a different race.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the UN documents mentioned how in the most extreme scenario there could be almost 600 million immigrants coming to America to make up almost three quarters of the US population of 1.3 billion by 2050.

The UN document called Replacement Migration: is it a solution to dying and ageing populations? talks about how the old/young support ratio has changed because of lower birth rates and longer life spans and how that many immigrants would be required to keep it the same.

Could some of the opinions Tucker Carlson expressed be called racist? Well, he stood up for the kid in Kenosha who shot BLM rioters who were burning down his city, which many might call self defense.

They hit him in the head with a skateboard, he could have been dead in seconds, which would not be surprising given that situation, of a violent mob who hit a guy holding a gun in the head with a skateboard.

If you heard about a guy who was on drugs, who resisted arrest, and had a record including threatening a pregnant woman with a gun, who possibly got killed by police kneeling on his neck, you might ask for that policeman to be arrested, and call for a fair trial.

If you heard about a guy who got shot in the back seven times because he didn’t listen to police and was reaching into his car for a knife, after they were called by a woman he raped who said he stole her car keys, you might also call for an investigation, maybe.

But when people start to violently riot specifically in defense of that rapist, after he attacked police with a knife, because of perceived racism, which didn’t really have anything to do with that incident, except based on their opinion that it did, you might say they were at fault.

Regardless of whether what he said was racist, which it wasn’t really, the idea that you could shut down the freedom of speech of a popular news anchor just because some people thought it was, is madness.

These people also said a highway could be racist, they said Dr Seuss books were racist, they are shutting down free speech like never before, while actually promoting racism, against white people.

Like Coca Cola suggests it’s employees try to be less white, and people don’t see the obvious contradiction there?

The war is a war on drugs and poverty, has nothing to do with race really, but they use it as a way to divide and conquer. They are trying to use race as a weapon with which to label anyone they view as a political enemy a terrorist, so they can silence them.

Facts are not science says this woman who was told what to think and didn’t question who told her what to think and why.

They are using covid as a weapon to label their political enemies terrorists, so they can silence them. They are silencing people who speak out in any way, including speaking out about their totalitarian censorship of free speech.

As I have been saying very clearly on this site, which was made for that exact reason, they don’t have the right to silence all political opinions that aren’t their own.

That in itself is such an assault on freedom and democracy that it could be called fascism, communism, terrorism, in and of itself. It’s like the Nazis burning books, and they’re not even trying to pretend that it’s not like that, just trying to justify attacking free speech by any means necessary.

However when combined with actual violence and thorough intimidation from not only the street hoodlums but the police as well, at the same time, it might only take one more straw to break the camel’s back, and drive America, and even the world into full scale war.

They might say that’s the danger of allowing these people to exist, telling the truth, and expressing their opinions, but that’s at least half the reason why they might be willing to fight a war, for freedom, which has been attacked like never before, by complete psychopaths.

It is true that there has been some history of racism in the USA. It is true that the CIA deals the drugs and lies about it, but considering that all of this is a carefully planned psy-op, even on both sides at once, if there is a war fought, people need to direct their anger towards the real people responsible.

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